Optimizing your Promoted Gig: Performance review

Promoted Gigs is a quick and easy way to show your Gigs in prime locations on Fiverr—ensuring that more buyers see and buy your Gig.

Learn how to optimize your ad, all the terms involved in optimizing your ad, and what it means for your revenue.


How can I optimize my ad?

Let's review the different metrics that will help you understand and track your ad’s performance.


Bid Cap

This is the maximum amount that you are willing to pay, per click, on your ad. A higher bid cap helps you get a better ad placement, and, coupled with the fact that, Fiverr will optimize your bid selection for you, your ad will be placed as optimally as possible at the lowest cost to you.  

Therefore, bids can change to keep your ad competitive in a given auction, but you will only pay when a buyer clicks on your ad.

Recommendation: Select the “No CPC cap” option, which will allow us to set the optimal bid on your behalf—with up to $3 per click.

Note: Using Promoted Gigs does not automatically guarantee you Gig clicks, impressions, and orders. 


CPC (Cost per Click)

This is the average amount charged per click on your ad. Your actual cost per click may be lower than your bid as you will only pay the minimum amount needed to win over other sellers' bids. This means that each click can have varying amounts.


Your bid is determined by multiple factors, including:

  • The relevance to the buyer’s intent
    This refers to how closely your Gig’s title or tags match the buyer’s intent.
    We also take into account any filters that they may have applied, so if your Gig doesn’t fit certain buyers’ needs, you will not compete for that ad placement.

  • Gig quality
    The quality of your Gig, including great images, a suitable title, and relevant tags, plays an important part in whether your ad will be displayed to buyers. Factors like delivering original work on time, your level of communication, and responsiveness to buyers, all may affect your Gig’s overall quality score.

  • Competition level
    If the competition level for a given ad placement is high, the bid will subsequently be higher.



This is the number of times your Gig was seen as an ad on Fiverr by potential buyers.

You will not be charged for impressions, only for ad clicks.

If you are getting ad impressions, but fewer ad clicks than you anticipated, you may want to update your Gig card appearance. For best practices on how to achieve this, see  our articles on Fiverr Seller: Gigs and Fiverr Seller: Tips.



This is the total number of times that buyers have clicked on your ad. What this means is that the ad displayed on Fiverr brought a potential buyer to your Gig page.

In order to get a better sense of how well your ads are performing, compare the number of impressions to the clicks received. 

Note: If a potential buyer clicks on your ad multiple times, it will only be counted as one click.




This is the total number of orders placed by buyers who clicked on one of your ads. Orders are attributed to ads when a buyer clicks on the ad and then buys any of your Gigs within 30 days thereafter.

Try comparing the number of orders to clicks to get a better sense of how well your Gig page is performing. If you are getting fewer ad orders than you anticipated, you may want to update your Gig page appearance.



This is the total amount you spent for clicks on your ads within a given time-frame.

In order to get a better sense of how well your campaign is performing, compare your ad costs to the revenues you are generating through the Promoted Gig.



This is the total amount of funds you have generated from the orders that were attributed to ads.


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