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Let's review Logo Maker guidelines for SVG files, and some ways to troubleshoot some of the most common issues you might have while uploading your designs and/or SVG files.

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Guidelines for SVG designs and effects

For an optimal editing experience for both parties, some SVG designs and effects won't be supported during the upload process.



SVG Animation

Animated SVG files have become very popular, but we don’t support them at this point.


SVG with Effects

Creating SVG with Adobe Illustrator effects— such as blur and glow—are possible, but our Editor doesn't support them.

However, shadows can be created and applied to SVG layers inside our Editor.

Note: We recommend that you don't upload any complex SVGs with effects in order to have full editing capabilities in our Editor.


SVG with Raster Graphics

In order for logos to be editable in our Editor, and scalable later for buyers, we don't support raster graphics.

Note: When you upload an SVG file to the Editor, make sure that all layers inside are vector-only layers.


SVG with over 100 layers

SVG layers are editable in our Editor.
You can change layer colors and add shadows, among other things.

The SVG file should contain as few layers as possible in order to edit the layers smoothly for you and the buyer.
Because of this, we limit the number of layers for the optimal experience.

Note: SVG layers can be combined and simplified with the pathfinder/flatten transparency tools in Adobe Illustrator.


SVG with text layers

SVG layers that contain text will not be uploaded to the Editor—only one-letter monograms are permitted.

In the Editor, each logo has a Brand Name and Slogan placeholder for buyers' company names and slogans.

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SVG with gradient layers



A gradient is a smooth transition from one color to another.
You can design several color transitions that can be applied to the same layer in the SVG file.

There are two main types of gradients in SVG:

  • Linear
  • Radial


Note: You can create and edit your gradient in the SVG Editor after you upload your design. However, the Editor will not recognize the gradient effect and your design will have a solid color.


Designs or files that aren’t permitted on Fiverr’s Logo Maker

We will not accept:

  • Stock images that are sold online
    This includes using stock images as the whole logo or a part of the design.
  • Logos that are already on sale online (not on the Fiverr platform)
    This includes posting your own logos on other platforms or logos created by another designer.
    Learn more with How can I share my Fiverr logos outside of Fiverr?.
  • Copyrighted designs of any kind
    Make sure your design is distinct and different enough from other designs and other sellers’ logos, and doesn’t interfere with others’ intellectual property.
    For example
    : Famous car models known fictional characters from games or any other trademarked designs, logos of existing brands, etc.

Possible reasons for low views

If your logo has had low views or impressions recently, it could be because your design is not compatible with the functionality of the Fiverr Logo Maker.

Here are some of the main reasons that might help explain what happened and/or how to improve your design.
Learn more about how to improve you logos with How to be a Logo Maker pro.




1. Your logo design is too similar to one of your published logos.

If you’d like, you can add it as a variation to the similar existing design (like in the example shown), but you can’t post the same SVG for 2 different logos.

Learn more with Variation of logos vs. individual designs.


2. Your logo design contains more than one letter.

Since a single letter increases your chances of being picked, we only support one-letter logos (monograms).

Learn more about how to submit an updated logo design with modifications with One design for multiple businesses.


3. Your logo design’s text length is limiting and not compatible with all brand names.

If the name happens to be longer than 10 characters, the text can “spill out” when displayed on the buyer’s listing page.

Tip: On average, brand names are 12-15 characters long.

Learn more with One design for multiple businesses.


4. Your logo design has words within the design.

Adding words to the uploaded design can limit the buyer's options to make adjustments to the design.

Learn more with the SVG with text explanation above.


5. Your design doesn’t meet our Active Logo quality criteria design requirements.

This makes it unlikely to be matched with many buyer searches, lowering your chances of appearing in search results.

It’s possible that the SVG file wasn’t uploaded properly, and caused distorted variations.

Please make sure the original file is not damaged, and the layouts are properly aligned.



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