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Structured Gig requirements are one of the best tools that are available for freelancers to work with.
The more detailed, straightforward, and organized the requirements are, the easier it will be for you to start working, and the better your work process and results will be. 

Advantages of working with structured requirements

  1. Set expectations with your customers
    Ask for all of the information ahead of time, the customer will provide all the necessary details and material, and both you and the customer will better understand what is expected out of the order and what the process will be like.

  2. Avoid misunderstandings
    Once the requirements have been submitted, you can review them and contact the customer with any questions or clarifications you may have for them.

  3. Save time
    All information is given at once and ahead of time, saving both you and your customer valuable time during the order that would have been spent on ongoing requests and questions, and lead to a delay in the delivery. 

  4. Create an organized and smooth work process—for both you and your customer
    Once you have all the needed information and aligned expectations, we recommend creating a detailed document that breaks down the order into specific tasks, timelines for each task, and regular updates on the task's status.

  5. Create a great buying experience and increase customer satisfaction

Tips to help win over your customers

  • Make sure to review the customer's brief thoroughly

  • Thank them for their order and ask any follow-up questions if necessary

  • Explain what the first step will include
    For example
    : Create a storyboard, a mockup, or an initial sketch, and that any initial plan or draft will be sent to the customer for review and approval.

  • After the customer approves the plan, continue on with the order

  • Make sure to update the customer regularly
    We recommend sending updates every 2-3 days on the progress of the order via the order chat.

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