Requirements for Animated Explainers

In order to help you bring the best experience to your buyers, we’re improving the order process within the Animated Explainers category. Here is a structured requirement brief for you to use and already ready for action – we recommend adjusting it to reflect your service and sending it to your buyers once they make an order, in order to align on expectations and ensure the best delivery possible.


Thank you for your order! We want to help bring your vision to life and deliver the best possible result. In order for us to be clear about your expectations, please answer the following questions:


  1. Describe the product/features that you'd like the video to focus on.
  2. Describe the main idea/concept of the video.
  3. Provide relevant information on your business:
        a. Business name
        b. Business contact & location information
        c. Social media links
  4. Describe your target audience.
  5. Please share and provide references of videos you like.
  6. Do you have a timeline in mind?

The Specifics

  1. Do you have a script or do you need us to provide one?
  2. What platform are you planning on using to share the video?
  3. Please share your preferred video format and duration.
  4. What would you like the last screen of the video to include? (E.g. logo, contact, a call-to-action?)
  5. Do you need a voice over for the video? If so, fill in the following:
    1. Preferred gender? 
    2. Preferred age?
    3. Preferred language?
    4. Preferred accent?
    5. Which tone of voice would you like us to use?(.e.g.: funny, serious, authoritative, casual, enthusiastic, matter-of-fact etc.)
    6. Do you need background music? If so, what type?

Required materials

  1. Script (make sure it is grammatically correct and finalized).
  2. Your logo.
  3. Your brand’s style and color scheme (Hex or RGB).
  4. Record yourself and help us pronounce unusual names.

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