Earn more with Gig extras

With Gig extras, you can expand your offering and earn extra income. Extras help you show potential buyers all the services you offer that may not be included in your Gig packages. Extras can be any additional services that fit any of your packages. You can start by adding extra revisions or extra fast delivery, which are in high demand. 

  • Fast delivery - This extra offers your buyer the option to get their delivery faster than the original delivery time offered in the purchased package.  
  • Revisions - This extra helps you offer more revisions at an additional cost. It also helps you set expectations and limits the number of revisions you offer. 
  • Additional extras - Consider offering additional extras related to your specific service. These can increase the cost while providing more value for the buyer.  

To add extras:

  1. Go to your Gigs tab.
  2. Click on Edit.
  3. Go to the Pricing tab and start adding extras.

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