Fiverr Select: Buyer loyalty program

Fiverr Select, formerly known as the Very Important Doer (V.I.D) program, is an exclusive program that’s open to loyal Fiverr buyers—and it’s free!

Fiverr Select benefits

Fiverr Select buyers receive exclusive benefits and expert guidance to help grow their businesses. 

A seller can recognize a Fiverr Select buyer by the crown badge on a buyer’s Profile. The badge will appear on Fiverr Select buyers’ Profile pictures throughout Fiverr, too.
This badge lets sellers know that they'll be working with a focused, committed, and experienced buyer. 

As a Fiverr Select member, buyers can:

  • Benefit from rewards like coupons, promotions, and more
  • Participate in exclusive webinar events
  • Enjoy personalized advice from the Customer Success team
  • Get priority service from Customer Support
  • Learn from buyer-specific resources
  • Get noticed by sellers as a Fiverr Select buyer—with the crown badge

Fiverr Select eligibility criteria

A buyer becomes eligible for Fiverr Select when 2 goals are reached within 6 months:

  • The buyer has ordered 10+ orders, and they have been completed 
  • The buyer has spent at least $500—or the equivalent in your local currency—on Fiverr

Note: Buyer eligibility status is updated within 24 hours of completing an order.


1. How do I join Fiverr Select?
You’ll be invited to join Fiverr Select after you complete 10 separate orders with a total value of $500 or more—then, within 24 hours, you’ll get your invitation!

2. How do I check my eligibility status?
If you’re eligible, you’ll see a Join Free Now button on both your buyer Profile page and the Fiverr Select page. If you’re not yet eligible, check your eligibility status on your Profile page—it’ll show what’s left to do.

3. Is Fiverr Select membership free?
Yes! Fiverr Select is free. There isn't any fine print.

4. Can sellers join Fiverr Select?
No, Fiverr Select is only for Fiverr buyers. Sellers have a different loyalty program—Seller Plus.

5. How can I benefit from a Customer Success Manager?
The Customer Success team is there for project advice, business consultations, and to help you find the perfect seller. When you join Fiverr Select, you can email the Customer Success team from your personal membership page.

6. What is priority Customer Support?
You’ll be recognized as a Fiverr Select member—support agents will prioritize your requests so your tickets will be solved quickly.

Join Select now!

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