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We’ve created the Fiverr Logo Maker editor to help you bring your designs to life with new edits and variations that can be sold in the Logo Maker for buyers.
As soon as you upload a logo symbol as an SVG file, you will have access to use the Logo Maker editor. Once the SVG file is uploaded, you’ll be able to quickly create a variety of logo variations with the Editor's features.

What is a logo variation?

Logo variations are different versions of your logo based on color palettes, fonts, positions, and background shapes. Variations make it easier for buyers to change your logo without editing each specific element on their own, and without needing to really understand design.

  • Keep in mind that you’ll need to create a minimum of 3 logo variations before you finalize and publish your work.
  • We recommend you create at least 6 variations, however, the key is to make each variation as diverse as possible to increase your chances of reaching a broader audience, as opposed to multiple variations that are similar. So, go wild!

Play with different color palettes, layouts, and typography in your designs to increase the chances that your logo will succeed and sell. Learn more Logo Maker quick tip: Creative variations.

Logo Symbol tips (before you use the Logo Maker)

Here are some helpful things to think about before you start to explore the Logo Maker editor and its features: 

  • Organize your layers
    Layering is automatically set within the Logo Maker itself. It’s always in the order of the text on top (in the front), then the symbol, then the shape (in the back). 
    • Arrange your logo symbol’s layers before you upload them to the Logo Maker since you won’t be able to adjust them once they’re imported

  • Crop before you import
    Make sure that your logo symbol is properly cropped before you import it. This way, your logo will be more convenient to edit and align on the artboard itself.
    • You can automatically crop it once you upload your file


  • Center your elements to each other or the artboard
    Align your elements to always look best on the artboard. Remember to take into consideration the size of the artboard.

    You can use Snapping to align logo elements to other elements and/or to the artboard by dragging them on the artboard.

centerlogo-thumbsup.png     centerlogo-thumbsdown.png

Logo Maker features and tips

Experiment and explore each feature to create diverse variations and bring out different emotions, styles, and vibes with just one logo design.

Here are some tips on how to utilize the features in the Logo Maker editor:

  • Adjust the position of your logo
    Change your logo’s position 3 different ways:
      1. Drag the symbol with the slider in the right-hand panel
      2. Manually enter a value next to the slider and click Enter to apply the changes.
      3. Fine-tune it more accurately by using the arrow keys, and the Shift key for larger/broader movements.

  • Rotate your elements with ease
    Any logo element can be rotated using the Rotation slider.


  • Change your symbol’s color/s
    Double-click an element within a symbol to change its color.


  • Play with the Stroke feature
    Double-click your symbol's SVG layer to add a stroke.


  • Incorporate new shapes into your design
    Add shapes (ellipse/circle or rectangle) from the top left of the editor.
    Keep in mind that
    you can add only one shape per variation.

    Drag your shape from the edges to change its shape or use the sidebar positioning tools.
    • Use the Lock icon to lock/unlock the ratio


  • Switch up the background color
    Variations with different background colors really stand out and help maximize the user experience.
    We recommend that you include a few different options.

background-green.png     background-pink.png     background-yellow.png

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