Logo Maker overview

The logo design market is rapidly growing. This is alongside a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) trend which encourages design even more throughout the industry. With Logo Maker, Fiverr has created a new way to purchase a logo, that’s designed by a professional designer, in just a few minutes.

Please note: Logo Maker isn’t available to all sellers—only those who have been chosen by Fiverr’s Editorial team can participate.



What this means for you

Your buyers can use Logo Maker’s self-service system to get more out of their logo (created by you), enjoy a more convenient experience, and use the transparent pricing tiers at their convenience.

Add more logos and variations to give yourself even more of an advantage, and continue to take your buyers’ breath away with beautiful logos and with top-quality variety.


Logo Maker is only available to some sellers. Sellers that are eligible are manually selected by Fiverr’s Editorial team based on quality metrics. If you believe that you have displayed exceptional brand design talent, and you wish to sell using Logo Maker, submit an application to assess your eligibility.  

Once you have been selected to utilize the Logo Maker, you will be able to upload and publish up to 30 active logos. If you wish to upload new logos after you have reached your limit, we recommend that you remove the least successful logos and optimize your supply. Check out the Logo Maker status section for more information.

Please note: We occasionally review accounts that reached their limit of active logos published, and will notify the relevant sellers if they're eligible for an option to increase the amount of active logos they can publish. Currently, there is no option to request an increase.

How it works

Create a logo design using Fiverr's Logo Maker—when you’re done, it will be available for buyers!

With Logo Maker, you can upload a logo and then set up the typography that will later be used for buyers' brand names and slogans. You can then create different combinations of layout, typography, and color palettes, so that your logo has a few different variations. This makes it easier for potential buyers to find the variation that suits their preferences best.

Recommendation: You have to provide at least 3 logo variations, but we encourage you to provide even more. The more you provide, the better your chances are for more sales.  

You create, they edit

Buyers have the option to purchase a logo without any additional effort from you, the seller. After they purchase your logo, they can edit and customize it with our editing tools and features.

Here is what buyers can do with the Logo Maker the Editor tool:

  1. Input their brand name, slogan, design, and branding preferences into Logo Maker’s Brief Wizard. They'll see a personalized catalog of logos in real-time that includes the most relevant logos with their brand name and slogan.

  2. Edit logos and adjust typography, colors, and layouts with the Editor tool.

Customizations and packages

If a buyer wants specific customizations from you, they can order a customized service directly from you. This enables you to have increased productivity, increased efficiency to create and sell attractive designs, and the ability to earn more.

After purchasing a logo, your buyers can upgrade the logo packages, and add/buy additional logo variations. Not only does this generate more revenue for you (20% of every additional order goes to you, the seller), but there is no additional effort required.

Example: If a buyer purchased the “basic” package, they can upgrade to the “professional” package for $30 in the first 72 hours or for $45 thereafter. Buyers can also purchase additional logo variations such as font, layout, and color for $15 per variation.
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Examples of logo variations



Logo Maker status

It is important to understand the difference between the logo statuses, especially as a new seller.

Here are the different upload statuses:

  • Pending
    The logo will be on pending mode for up to 4 days before turning active. I know, we can’t wait either!
  • Draft
    Finalize publishing of the logo to change status to active.
  • Paused
    The project is published, but not offered for sale—meaning this project won't be visible to buyers.
    Your status will switch to paused if you’ve reached your limit of active logos permitted.
  • Active
    Published and offered for sale.

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