Viewing your orders on the mobile app

Viewing orders you've placed can be done on the Manage orders page. Here you can also click through to your orders' status.
To view orders:
  1. From the main menu, click Manage Orders. Clicking an order in the list takes you to the order details.
  2. On the Orders page, use the three lines icon (iOS) or magnifying glass (Android) icon to choose from the following statuses:
  • All: All orders.
  • Waiting for Rating: (IOS) Delivered order, waiting for you to accept and rate the order, or provide a revision request.
  • Revision Requested: Revision requested and waiting for your seller to redeliver.
  • Completed: These are orders that have been delivered by the seller and accepted by you as completed orders.
  • Canceled: These are all canceled orders, either by customer support or as mutually canceled orders.

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