Viewing Gig statuses on the mobile app

Note: This feature is only available on Android. 

To view statuses on your Gig:
  • Click on the right-most Account Page tab in the bottom navigation bar > My Gigs
In the My Gigs page, you have the following statuses:
  • Active: These are your Gigs that are currently available in the Fiverr marketplace.
  • Paused: These are your Gigs that are not available. You can select these Gigs and make them active. If they contain video, they will need to be approved first.
  • Draft: These are the Gigs that you haven't published yet.
To take action on a Gig:
  • Select the Gig and then select an action (e.g., ActivatePause, or Delete). Note that Gigs can't be created through the app at this time.


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