Sending offers on the mobile app

Sending offers allows sellers to be proactive and offer their services directly to potential buyers in a personalized way.

To send an offer:

  1. From the main menu, click the Inbox icon.
  2. Open a message within the list.
  3. Click Create an offer.
  4. Select an existing Gig to offer.
    Note: Here you can also select Change Gig to select a different Gig to send.
  5. Describe your offer, including the payment method, total price and expected delivery time.
  6. In the Define the scope area, add the extra services you would like to offer, including the revisions (optional).
  7. In the Offer settings area, you can set an expiry date and determine whether you still need the buyer to send requirements or not.
  8. You have the option to save the offer as a Template, so that next time you can choose it from your saved offers. 
  9. Click Send offer.

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