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Account management

1. How can I tell if a seller is on or offline?

The small circle next to each Fiverr customer’s username lets you know if the seller you're working with is on or offline (green is online; grey is offline). Whether logged in via desktop or mobile, you can quickly see which sellers are available for an immediate response. Find a seller's status on their profile, in your Inbox/Order conversations, and on sellers' Gig pages. What's more is that you can filter marketplace results according to online sellers—from the Category, Subcategory, and advanced search pages. 

2. How do I change my notification settings? 
Manage your notifications using the mobile app or the desktop site. 

  • Mobile
    > Settings > Scroll down to Notifications > Enable/disable the notifications you would like to receive.
  • Desktop
    Click your Profile Picture > Settings > Notifications > Enable/disable the notifications you would like to receive.

Policies & safety

1. What kind of information will Fiverr never ask me to provide? 

We may ask for a few things, but we will never ask for:

  • Your password or sign-in credentials
  • You to email us your password
  • You to log into a site outside of the fiverr.com domain
  • You to download or install an application

If you receive any such request or message, please never download or run the applications or email attachments—they are definitely not sent from us. 

2. Is my personal information safe?

Your privacy is very important to us. 
Learn more about Fiverr's Privacy Policy, which is part of our Terms of Service

3. Can I pay my seller directly?
No, for your safety, all payments are made through Fiverr on the Order page, and buyers pay for orders in advance.

Important: Fiverr will not be able to assist if you pay a seller outside the platform. If you are asked to use an alternative payment method, please report it to
Customer Service immediately.

Payments and orders 

1. How do I buy a Gig using the mobile app?

  • On the Gig page, click Continue 
  • Add Gig extras or order multiples by clicking on Add Gig Extras or Extra Quantity  
  • Click Continue > Payment page
  • Complete the purchase using your preferred payment method/  Enable Single Click Payments orders to be created automatically

2. What are Gig Extras and Gig multiples?

  • Gig Extras
    These are additional services are offered on top of a seller's Gig for an extra price—the extra amount is defined by the seller.
  • Gig Multiples
    This refers to your option to purchase additional quantities of a seller's Gig

In both cases:
If you increase the quantity, it does not automatically adjust the delivery time.
On a practical level, your seller may need extra time to complete the order due to the additional work required. We highly recommend communicating with your seller before the order to clarify any deadline expectations and to ensure that your order will be successfully delivered on time.

3. What are my payment options when using the mobile app?

  • You can purchase Gigs using PayPal or a credit card
  • Apple Pay is available for iOS users and Google Pay is available for Android users
  • Enable Single Click payments to take the hassle out of logging into your PayPal account
    Alternatively, you can log into PayPal for each purchase.

4. How do I use a Promo Code?
If you got a Promotional Code, apply it during the checkout process.


To apply Promo Codes:

  1. Click Proceed to Order on the Gig you would like to purchase.
  2. Customize your order (if desired) > Proceed to Payment.
  3. Before placing your order, click Enter promo code under "Summary" > Apply > Place Your Order.

Note: Promo Codes can't be applied to an ongoing order—meaning Promo Codes are not able to be added retroactively. Once the order has been placed without the Promo Code being used, it can't be applied later. 

5. How to add feedback as a buyer

  1. Log in and click Orders from the top menu bar.
  2. At the top of the Orders page, you’ll see a banner that says Your order was completed. Click the Rate Experience button found in the banner.

6. How do I leave my seller a tip?
Once an order is marked as "Completed," you have the option to leave a tip for your seller. The tip option will stay open for 30 days after the order has been completed. There are 3 tip options available, one to give your seller a custom tip, leave a review of your seller's work, or simply say "thanks." 

7. How much can I tip my seller?
The limitations below are in place to prevent fraud:

  • The minimum amount of a tip is $5
  • For orders below $25, the tip can be up to $25
  • For orders above $25, the tip can be up to 100% of the price of the order

Once you click Tip Now, the tip amount will be deducted from your Fiverr balance. If there are no funds in your Fiverr balance, you will be redirected to the payment page.

Note: All transactions including tips are required to pay the service fee. 

8. Why does Fiverr charge tipping fees?

Tipping creates a transaction, and as such, the tip is subject to the Fiverr service fee.
Fiverr does not differentiate between tips and regular orders. 

9. Why was my payment declined?

Payments can be declined for a number of reasons. Make sure that: 

  • Your payment details have been entered correctly
  • Your credit/debit card is valid (and not expired)
  • You have available funds on your card

Please note: Your chosen source of payment has more information about why your payment was declined than us. Check with your bank or PayPal if payment issues arise.

If you still have issues with your payment:

  • Try using a different payment option
    Example: If you are using PayPal, consider using your credit card
    If you still have payment issues, contact Customer Support.

10. What is the difference between Fiverr Balance and Fiverr Credits?
Your Fiverr Balance reflects the funds you have in your account. There are 3 different types of funds: 

  • Earnings
    Funds you may have earned from completing orders as a seller
  • Reimbursements
    Funds that were credited to your account for canceled orders
  • Previous Reimbursements
    Funds that were credited to your account for orders that were canceled before January 1, 2019. As services and taxes were not included in these reimbursements, you will not be charged for these fees again when placing a new order.  

Keep in mind:

  • Fiverr Credits appear in your account and reflect the funds awarded to you by Fiverr
    For example, through the Fiverr Referral program.
  • You can only use your Fiverr Credits to buy services on Fiverr
    Be wary of the expiration date and note that Credits are non-refundable.
  • Fiverr Credits are applied first when you place a new order

11. Can I withdraw money from my Fiverr account?
Only sellers can withdraw money from their Fiverr accounts, and only if they have earned revenue through Fiverr. Revenue is deposited into the sales balance, and is available for withdrawal after Fiverr's clearance period.

As a buyer, if you receive a refund, it will appear in your Fiverr balance and can be used for another purchase. If an order is canceled, your refund (the original order amount and service fee) will be placed in your Fiverr balance.
Learn more with How do I use my Fiverr balance for future purchases.

If you would prefer to receive a direct refund, you can request a direct refund here.

12. Where is my order?
Payments don't always create an immediate order. Pre-screening transactions conducted by your payment processor/ bank take place before the funds can be released to Fiverr. There could also be a technical issue with the payment processor in sending those funds to Fiverr. If this happens, contact Customer Support  with the following information:  

  • Your Paypal purchase transaction ID: Payments are alphanumeric strings following a hashtag (Example: #123ABC456DEF). Transaction IDs are found in your receipt email or, in your PayPal account in the "details" of the payment. Receipt numbers can be helpful as well so, if you can, include them too. 
  • The Gig title or seller name 
  • The total purchase amount

Customer Support can attempt to restore the order with the payment provided, or make a refund to the payment provider if you're unable to. 

13. How do I cancel my order?
We always encourage you to try and work things out with your seller using the Resolution Center. For more, see resolving issues with an order.

14. Does my refund include the service fee?
Yes, Fiverr will refund the entire amount of your purchase to your Fiverr balance. If you do not want the money refunded to your Fiverr balance, and would prefer that the money be reimbursed to your PayPal or credit card, request a refund here

15. What is commercial use?
Commercial use is a phrase used when you intend to use a seller’s delivered work for anything business-related and is intended for profit. This relates to the service’s License Details and makes sure that you have the resell rights to a service. Ex. A logo. Without these commercial rights, a company is unable to trademark a logo.

 16. Do I own what is delivered to me?
Unless clearly stated otherwise in the Gig’s description text, when the order is delivered, you are granted all the intellectual property rights. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrights for the work delivered from the seller; the seller waives any and all moral rights therein. All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to the buyer is subject to the full payment of the Gig. For more information on ownership of materials, please see our Terms of Service, under Ownership.

17. How do I download attachments and files?
When you receive messages, you have the option to download any attached files. This also applies when you accept deliveries from a seller. If you experience issues downloading files to your computer, try to:

  • Review your browser extensions (i.e., additional features for your web browser)
  • Review if you have any firewall/ antivirus software that prevents downloads
  • Clear your browser cache/cookies (i.e., temporary files in your browser)
  • Verify if you have a pop-up blocker enabled. If enabled, disable it for Fiverr.com

Once you've verified the steps, go to your Order page and click the file or link provided in the delivery message. When you get your order's delivery, make sure to download the full sized-file. If you copy the preview thumbnail shown on the order page, the file will have very low quality.

General FAQs

1. What are milestones?
Milestones allow your seller to split tasks into bite-size chunks. They are usually used for larger, and more complex projects. Follow the order progress and approve results throughout the project's delivery. Milestones are only available for orders over $100.

Example: You order a logo design > Your seller splits your order into 6 milestones > The first milestone is 3 initial concepts > the second milestone is a draft of your selected logo > and so on, until the final delivery contains the final files for the entire order.

Learn more with Milestones.

2. Why is there a watermark on my delivery?
This is in place to protect the seller's work. When a seller delivers your order, you will see a watermark on the image preview. After you have accepted your delivery, you will be able to download the original image without the watermark. 

3. What does it mean if a seller has activated their Set Availability?
It means that they are taking a break from Fiverr. On a seller's Profile and Gig pages, you can see their intended return date. You can send a seller a message by clicking Contact and get notified when the seller's time-off is scheduled to be over. You will receive an email on the seller’s return if the seller chooses to allow it. 

4. What is the difference between the App and the site?
The Fiverr Mobile App enables customers to browse all the Gigs offered on Fiverr.com. Customers can communicate with each other through the App on the go to help create and manage orders. Future updates will include more features that are exclusive to the full site.

5. Does Fiverr contact its customers?
From time to time, we do reach out to the Fiverr community. If you receive a message from an official Fiverr Team member, it will have a button labeled Fiverr Team next to the username.

Not finding the service you’re looking for?

Our Customer Success team is here to help. Contact us at yournextproject@fiverr.com.

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