Gig policies

At Fiverr, the service you offer and sell within the marketplace is termed a "Gig." Your Gig is an opportunity to showcase your talent to potential customers, as well as to provide all the information they may need before placing an order. 

Creating a Gig

When you become a seller on Fiverr, we recommend that, initially, you create only one Gig and focus your time and effort on that one service. To make your Gig stand out, follow the guidelines below and see Creating a Gig as well as Making the most from your Gig image for more helpful tips and tricks. Once your initial Gig has generated positive customer feedback and you have had multiple sales, you should consider creating more Gigs. 

Gig Guidelines

Gig Title

  • Make sure that your Gig title is short, clear, and to the point
  • Fiverr helps you start your title with ”I will...” Complete the sentence with the service you wish to provide

Remember: You want your buyers to recognize what service you offer—immediately.  




  • Select the most appropriate category and subcategory for the service you offer
  • If you’re not sure, search Fiverr’s marketplace for similar services to see how other sellers have categorized their services
  • Fiverr will also recommend a category and subcategory based on the title of your Gig

Note: Fiverr reserves the right to move your Gig to a more relevant category/subcategory if deemed necessary.


Scope & pricing

(Gig Packages)

Gig packages allow you to offer services at different prices as well as to use different formats. You can create up to 3 packages for different prices:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium 

Each Gig package should include the different service elements, such as:

  • Gig description
  • Delivery time
  • The number of revisions, etc.

By adding extras, you can potentially upsell your services. 


Gig description

This is your first opportunity to introduce yourself to potential customers. Be personable, approachable, and describe your service easily—to guide customers towards making a purchase.

See How to Make Your Fiverr Profile Stand Out >


  • Be clear about the purpose of your Gig, and the specific service you are providing
  • Highlight the value of your service 
  • Proofread your Gig description prior to publishing and ensure that there are no grammatical errors 
  • Gig descriptions in English are mandatory but you can use additional languages—as long as all the information is also available in English
  • If you'd like to share an external link in your description, make sure that you only include URLs from Fiverr's approved list (below)
    • If you use a URL, which is not on the approved list, your Gig may be denied. Repetitive violations may also cause an account to be restricted
    • You can also use URLs that lead to general websites, such as, or to websites that provide free tools, such as or
  • Never share your personal contact information
    • If contact or login credentials to external sites are absolutely necessary for your Gig service, mention this in your Gig requirements
    • Tell your customer your requirements to get started by clearly listing this information in the Gig requirements area. Of course, this only applies to you if the service you are providing cannot be completed without specific information from the buyer

Important: Ensure that your Gig/s is/are in line with our Terms of Service. 

Approved URLs


Reminder. Fiverr does not allow users to share personal contact details in their profile or Gig description. Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the Order Page. If you use a URL in your Gig, which is not in the above list, your Gig may be denied. Repetitive violations may also cause an account to be restricted.



Applicable to all the images, videos, audio, and other content you may use (including your own work samples) 

  • Make sure that you have the right to use images for commercial purposes.
    Example: Stock image with the owner’s right permissions granted
  • If you use copyrighted images, you face the possibility of your Gig being removed.
  • You can add files up to 5GB
  • Never provide any personal contact information in any of your media content.
  • In all Design categories, images must be original.
  • In all other categories, ensure that you have permission to upload the image.




  • Be sure to follow our Gig image guidelines >
  • Use images that are clear, high resolution (not pixelated), and that have the right dimensions.
  • You can upload up to 3 images that describe or are related, to your Gig service.
  • You can add the Fiverr watermark to both your delivery's preview and completed orders, within your Gig portfolio.

Learn more about making the most from your Gig image > 




Videos showcase your skills and services and/or can be an introduction to you and your services as a seller.


  • Make sure your video isn't longer than 75 seconds
  • Accepted video file formats: mp4 and AVI

Once you've added a video, a thumbnail will be created and showcased in the marketplace—Select the thumbnail from the video you wish to upload. 



Never include personal contact information or URLs within your videos.

If you are using a sample from your portfolio, it may only include previous clients’ information if they provided explicit permission.



In the Music & Audio category, you'll need to upload an audio or video sample in order to publish your Gig.

Supported formats for audio files are mp3 and MPEG.
Ensure that your audio file does not exceed 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
Keep the audio file size below 10 MB



PDFs can be used to represent reports, data, marketing strategies, website and mobile app designs, case studies, and visual works such as logos and illustrations.

  • You can upload up to 2 PDF files to your Gig
  • In the Gig PDF area, either drag a PDF or click Browse and select the PDF you wish to upload
  • Uploading a PDF is optional

See more about adding PDFs to Your Gig >



  • Some of the services on Fiverr are delivered physically, such as arts and crafts, collectible items, and so on.
  • If your service includes physical shipping, please be sure to select this option in your Gig.
  • If you're not selling a physical product, you may not request a shipping fee from your buyers and should not select this option in your Gig.

See "Shipping Physical Deliverables" in our Terms of Service >


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