Blocking certain buyers

We understand that people don't always get along - we're human after all! Whether it's personal chemistry, unmet expectations, or communication difficulties, you may not want to work with certain buyers again in the future. As you may know, buyers can choose to stop their communications with sellers or refrain from ordering, and, in turn, you have the option to block all communication and orders from certain buyers as well.

To block a buyer:

  • You can block a buyer by using the inbox actions feature as seen in your inbox.
  • Once the buyer has been blocked, they will not be able to communicate or place an order with you.
  • The blocked buyer will be unable to view your Gigs or your profile.
  • You may choose to unblock and do so by clicking Unblock.


  1. What happens if I want to block a buyer but have an active order with them?
    If you experience an issue with a buyer during an order, please let Customer Support know immediately so that one of our customer service agents can assist accordingly. Once the order has been completed, it is then possible to block the buyer.

  2. Can I block any user?
    You can only block buyers who have previously placed an order with you.

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