Viewing your account balance

You can view your Fiverr account balance to view earnings, reimbursements, Fiverr credits, and more. Your Fiverr balance is always accessible and is found in the top right corner of your account, right next to your profile picture. 

To see a detailed breakdown of your current balance go to Billing and payments > Available Balances.

Balance explained 

Note: This data is updated every few minutes so you can be assured that the data you are seeing is up-to-date. 

Fiverr balance

  • Earnings
    This balance can be withdrawn via your Earnings page or used for purchases.

  • From canceled orders
    This balance is made up of funds returned from canceled orders.

Fiverr Credits

  • Credits are used when paying for purchases
    Check expiry dates so you don't miss out.
    You can also click the Earn Fiverr Credits button to refer a friend to Fiverr, and get credits to buy the freelance services you need. 

Note: Credits issued by Fiverr (Fiverr Credits) expire following three months from their receipt, and once used, may not be returned to your account even if your order gets canceled.
Fiverr Credits can only be used to purchase Gigs on Fiverr, and are not eligible to be transferred for withdrawal or a payment provider account. When available, your Fiverr funds and credits will be used as your primary payment method for new orders.

Fiverr Credits are subject to the terms and conditions of Fiverr’s Referral Program.

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Fiverr Earnings

  • To see a detailed breakdown of your current earnings from Fiverr, click here.

Reimbursements received

  • These are funds that were credited back into your account for orders that were canceled.

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