Bank transfers

Withdraw your cleared earnings to your bank account.
Let's review how to set up your bank account for withdrawals and how to update your Payoneer account (if relevant to you).

Remember: Only available funds can be withdrawn.
Learn more about payout methods and withdrawals with Payout Methods and Withdraw your earnings.

Set up your bank account for withdrawals

To set up your bank account for Bank Transfer withdrawals:

  1. Log in > click your Profile picture > Switch to selling > Earnings.
    If you have money available in the Available Fund area, then you'll have various options to withdraw funds.
  2. Click Withdraw balance or Manage payout methods > Bank transfer.
  3. Verification pop-up > Choose your preferred method (SMS/Call).
  4. Redirect to email > Click link received.
  5. Payoneer landing page opens > Get Started.
  6. Complete the Payoneer account setup process, and if you have an existing account, you can connect it.



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