Video & Animation category: Subcategories

All sellers in all categories can choose to add a video to their Gigs—but in the Video & Animation category, all sellers must upload a video.

Each subcategory in the Video & Animation category is unique and allows you to showcase your work and specific skills. It's important to emphasize this in your Gig Video.
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Tips for your Gig video

Your video should:

  • Help buyers visually understand your style
    Set buyer expectations and give an idea of what you can deliver

  • Be engaging
    Some buyers are more likely to place an order when they feel connected to your work.

  • Showcase your work and tell a story
    Use a strategic and logical sequence when creating and editing your video—think of a beginning, middle, and end.

Note: You can upload files up to 5GB.


Using audio

The primary purpose for using audio in your Gig Video to showcase your editing or animation skills. 
Audio is required in the videos of all subcategories (except for "Logo Animation," "Animated characters & Modeling," and "Visual Effects"). 

Recommendation: Fiverr strongly encourages sellers to upload Gig videos that contain audio, as this has proven to increase engagement and conversion. 

Guidelines for each subcategory

Disclaimer: Subcategories in the Video & Animation category are subject to change. 
Learn more about the Product Photography subcategory changes with Photography and related services.

Let's review each subcategory and service in Video & Animation and the Gig Video guidelines.

Whiteboard & Animation Explainers

Animated Explainers demonstrate different functionalities for both existing products and work in progress. Use this in your Gig Video to explain a complicated business or a product.

Guidelines for Gig video:

  • Videos can be either Animated Explainer samples or showreels of a few compiled samples
  • Video may include a voice-over—if you offer this in your Gig Packages


Intros & Outros

Use Intros & Outros to help engage audiences before and after they watch your videos. This includes YouTube Intros, Call for Action Outros, and Twitch Scenes.

Please note: If your service is about animating a logo (even if it will be used as an intro), Fiverr recommends that you place your Gig in the Logo Animation subcategory.


Logo Animation

This is a service that's focused on animating your buyer's existing logo.
Help buyers by building a professional, recognizable brand with custom-made logo animation. You can also utilize this service to spice up promotional videos, product UI, social networks, and even email signatures.

Guidelines for Gig Video:

  • Include 3-10 seconds of moving/animated logos
  • Put a few logo animation examples together (one after another in your video) to showcase your work samples
  • Audio isn't mandatory unless offered in one of your Gig Packages


Slideshow & Promo Videos

This service is for template-based slideshows and promo videos.

Guidelines for Gig Video:

  • Provide a great, quick solution for customer video needs
    Examples: App and website previews, book trailers, or even slideshow videos for a real estate property or family vacation

  • If you're using a specific template, make sure you showcase this in your Gig video
    If you're using a few templates, make sure to display them all.


Live-Action Explainers

Use this service to add credibility, build trust, and highlight the personality and emotions behind a company or a product.

Guidelines for Gig Video:

  • Scripted videos should include actual production/video footage
  • Videos are made to explain and should include live/actual footage

Note: Footage can be stock footage that you have the license/permission to use.


Short Video Ads

Utilize Short Video Ads to drive action in specific social networks and platforms.
Keep in mind that your Gigs in this subcategory should be:

  • Specifically designed for the short internet-age attention span
  • Can be created/are in multiple formats and versions—enabling marketing performance optimization across various channels
  • Videos should be short (5-60 seconds), platform-specific (vertical/square), include either animation or live-action and be marketers/ marketing focus

Guidelines for Gig Video:

  • Include videos with the aspect ratio that you are offering in your Gig. If you are providing all options, make sure to include all of them
  • If you're debating whether your video belongs to one of the Explainer subcategories or this subcategory, the focus for these videos is selling
  • If your video is about a drive to action, your video should be placed here

If your video is about explaining, we suggest you place your Gig in one of the Explainer subcategories


Spokesperson Videos

Help customers describe their service, vision, and product with this subcategory.

Guidelines for Gig Video:

  • It has to be you on camera
  • Sellers may speak on behalf of a company and talk about its value proposition but not present themselves as a user or client
  • If you're offering different settings/outfits, make sure to showcase these in either your video or Gig images

Video Editing

Shoot video footage and edit it into a short and compelling video, or repurpose a video your buyer already has.

Guidelines for Gig Video:

  • Videos where your editing skills are explicit
    Examples: Editing to the beat, showing rare footage, compiling footage in a cool and engaging way, multiple cut-downs of one video ad, etc.

  • All video samples should be edited yourself, and showcase your talent as a video editor

Animated Characters & Modeling

Bring 3D models, products, or characters to life with this subcategory.

Whether it's a medical device, gadget, or elaborate video game characters, you can really get things moving with a Gig Video for your professional rigging and animation services.

Recommendation: Add audio to enhance your Gig Video—this is not mandatory.


Visual Effects

Take your buyer's video to the next level with visual effects.

Whether it's color grading, compositing, clean-ups, beauty retouching, or anything else all the services for a post-production project are here.

Guidelines for Gig Video:

  • Focus your videos on fixing/improving/enhancing existing footage, rather than video editing
  • Your video may be super short, and we recommend being widescreen instead of vertical/square
  • Showcase before and after videos

Lyric & Music Videos

From clips made of pre-taped footage with artistic lyrics and titles to custom video productions that will bring your customer's music to the screen, you have an opportunity to offer a wide variety of lyric or music videos.

Note: Audio is mandatory when uploading a video to this subcategory.


Animation for Kids

Create engaging content for children—from nursery rhymes to educational animation.


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