Service types FAQs

Service types are a tool (available in select subcategories) to help you classify your Gig. Read the below FAQs to learn about how service types can help you get noticed by relevant buyers, increase conversion, differentiate your services, and position yourself to earn more!

What are service types?

Service types are a way to classify your Gig in subcategories that offer multiple kinds of services within a subcategory – they’re almost subcategories inside of subcategories! By tagging your Gig with the relevant service type, you can indicate what type of service you are offering in a specific Gig, and make sure that buyers will easily find your Gig.

For example, within the WordPress subcategory, there are a variety of services to provide, so we identified the following service types:

  • Full website creation
  • Customization
  • Bug fixes
  • Backup, Cloning & Migration
  • Security
  • Landing page
  • WP Installation & Set up
  • Performance & SEO
  • Help & Consultation
You can select one service type per Gig.

How can I add a service type to an existing Gig?

First of all, be sure to activate Gig packages if available in your subcategory. You may see a prompt to add service types to your Gig when service types arrive in your subcategory. Or you can follow these steps:
  1. Go to Edit Gig.
  2. Select the right service type from pricing tab on the dropdown menu.  
Note: You will have the option to identify the correct service type for your Gig on the Create Gig page.

How can service types help me in search results?

Tagging your Gig with the appropriate service type means defining it in the marketplace in a meaningful way for search results. The service type is essentially metadata that relates to terms that buyers search for. When you use the right service type, buyers who are looking for exactly what you provide will see your service in their search results. Picking a service type that fits your Gig will unlock the package attributes that allow you to better define what’s unique about your Gig.

Why don’t I have service types in my category?

Service types are not relevant to all subcategories because not every subcategory has multiple types of services available within it.

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