Tips for a great experience with a new buyer

Spotting a new buyer when you receive an order or message can be key to both a positive interaction and an opportunity to cultivate future business. Often, new buyers are not yet confident in using Fiverr, and they’ll be looking to you for answers. Learn how to make the most of an experience with a new buyer. 
Spotting a new buyer is sometimes easier than others. You might get a message that simply says “I’ve never used Fiverr before” or “I don’t know how this works” and you’ll instantly know that this person needs to be handled with extra care. Or, perhaps you receive a message where the person doesn’t understand the difference between Gigs and Extras, or needs help being walked through the process of purchasing.
Providing a high level of service and answering new buyers with patience will not only improve your chance of a sale, but will also improve your chance of gaining a loyal customer.
Of course, working with a brand new buyer means that they aren’t yet initiated into the nuances of Fiverr, and it’s in your best interests to help them out a bit. After all, the more they understand Fiverr policies and decorum, the better customer they’ll be.
First of all, new buyers may not always understand the difference between the main Gig and the add-ons, so make sure they know exactly what they are, and are not getting in their order. Answer their questions and let them know what need from them to get started on their order.
You can also give them a gentle reminder to give you a rating after the order is delivered and that a review would be greatly appreciated. Keep it light-hearted so that the new buyer understands you’re just giving them some tips, not laying down a lot of rules.
When you are the first person that a new buyer interacts with, you have the power to set the tone for their entire Fiverr experience. If you show them that Fiverr is a great place to get things done, they’ll be happy to turn to you the next time they need something.

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