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Fiverr values professionalism and training for our sellers. Learn from Fiverr is an online, on-demand video classes platform, specially tailored for freelancers and professionals. All classes are taught by top experts, who are distinguished in their fields.
These courses contain practical and comprehensive knowledge and exercises, quizzes, and tests. By taking a course you will level up your skills and grow professionally. And by successfully passing the course’s final quiz, you will showcase your new capabilities.
Therefore, by successfully completing a course, you’re also likely to gain more visibility in the Fiverr marketplace. In addition, completing a course earns you a badge on your seller page, signifying your completion and helping buyers learn more about your professional background.
Successful completion of a course means that you:
  • Watched all of the video content
  • Independently completed all of the course exercises, quizzes, and the final exam
Note: Passing a course is only one of many factors that can impact your ranking on Fiverr.

Here's how the badge will look on your seller's profile:

To access Learn from Fiverr:

  1. After you log in, click on your profile image and select Profile.
  2. To register for a new course, click Enroll now under Learn from Fiverr.

You can also access Learn from Fiverr:

    • Through the Selling menu > Growth & Marketing > Fiverr Learn
    • By navigating to the Learn link in the footer menu at the bottom of the page
  • Passing a course is only one of many factors that can impact your ranking on Fiverr.
  • Learn from Fiverr is only available in certain regions.
  • Learn from Fiverr is based on our Terms of Service. For more information, see Fiverr's Terms of Service.
  • To get started, visit Learn from Fiverr.

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