What if my buyer doesn’t like my delivery?


Delivering a Gig is usually a great feeling—there’s a sense of accomplishment, the satisfaction of a job well done, plus the knowledge that you’re about to get paid.

But not all Gig hand-offs go smoothly, sometimes, a buyer does not accept their delivery.
Regardless of the reason, sometimes your buyer’s expectations for their order are just not aligned with the delivery you’ve sent them. And now they’re asking for revisions—big ones.

There are a few solutions—including the Resolution Center—that are there to help you work things out with the other party before contacting Customer Support.

Navigating this process can take you into unfamiliar territory, so here’s a guide of steps to follow if and when this situation happens to you.

1. Don’t panic

It is a common occurrence for buyers to request revisions. Even if you’ve poured your time and energy into perfecting an order, it’s possible that there will still be small elements to your delivery that need to be tweaked or updated.

Remember: A requested revision from a buyer does not imply anything about the quality of your work. Stay calm and know that your ticket to a fair resolution with the buyer is by staying professional and communicating clearly.

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2. Understand the feedback

Don’t get overwhelmed or nervous—read the feedback and request for edits closely and understand exactly what the buyer wants.

If you feel like the buyer is unclear about the specific reasons for their dissatisfaction, don’t be afraid to dig for more detail, ask to Extend delivery date, or add a Custom offer.

3. Straighten out any confusion

If the request is out of the scope of the original Gig, explain that to the buyer in as nice a way as possible.
  1. Break down the amount of effort that the request would require
    Note: Usually, buyers don’t think about scope—they just want their order to be as perfect as possible.

    If it’s going to take you as much time as (or more than) to make the changes it originally took you to create the Gig, then that request might be out of scope.

  2. Suggest what revisions you can deliver
    To address their needs without compromising your own, explain to them what revisions are possible for you to achieve.

    Remember: You’re the expert on the services you offer on Fiverr, so don’t be afraid to make a recommendation to buyers about the best way to resolve their requests or issues.

4. Deliver revised work

If you understand what changes the buyer wants, and are able to make the necessary revisions, go for it.
To complete the delivery:
  1. Click the REDELIVER NOW option.
  2. You’ll have the opportunity to Deliver modified work, via the order page.

5. No pressure

It’s only natural that you want to keep your ratings up, but when it comes to communicating with a confused or dissatisfied buyer, it’s not a good time to bring up how the buyer is planning on rating your Gig.

If the issue still can’t be resolved, use the Resolution Center to resolve the issue.

6. Last resort

While we understand that continuing and completing an order would—in almost all cases—be the best outcome, you may be considering stopping and canceling the order with the buyer.
To cancel an order, use the Resolution Center.

In certain cases, order cancelations may not affect your seller completion rate.

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