Learn from Fiverr and Skill tests

Learn from Fiverr

What type of courses does Fiverr offer?

Freelancers can take custom-made courses in fields such as graphic design, branding, digital marketing and copywriting. Specific topics include: branding, viral marketing, Facebook ads (advanced courses), and illustration, and are all taught by top experts in their field. In addition to core knowledge, Learn from Fiverr courses also include freelance-centric content, including creating a proper brief for clients, conducting effective market research, and delivering the final product. For more information, see Learn from Fiverr.

What payment options are available for purchasing the courses?

You can pay for courses using PayPal and Stripe (Credit Card).

How do I enroll in Learn from Fiverr courses?

To access Learn from Fiverr
  1. After you log in, hover over your profile image and click Profile.
  2. To register for a new course, click Enroll Now.
For more information, see Learn from Fiverr.

Skill tests

What are the rules of a skills test?

The following are the rules regarding the skills test:
  • Each test is up to 40 minutes
  • There are 40 questions, which vary in topics in the selected subject
  • You can't leave the test (the current screen where the test is being taken)
  • Do not use the shortcut menu options (mouse, right-click) or the keyboard for navigating backwards or forwards within the test
For more information, see Taking a skills test.

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