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We prioritize keeping our community as safe as possible for everyone, which is why we have policies to ensure that quality standards and client and freelancer expectations are always upheld. At Fiverr, respect and professionalism are vital to creating a trustworthy marketplace. Therefore, Fiverr gives warnings to those who violate any of our Community Standards

Why was I warned?

You may receive a warning for breaching our Terms of Service or any reported misconduct. A warning will be sent to your email address and will be displayed in your Fiverr account. Warnings don’t limit account activity but can lead to demotion or temporary suspension. Violations of our Terms of Service such as rude, abusive, improper language or behavior, spamming, misleading profile information, providing personal contact information, requesting a positive review or the removal of a review, review manipulation, and misrepresenting your Gig service may result in a warning.
Learn more about why you were warned and visit our Terms of Service for more information.

How our warning system works:

  • If it’s your first warning, you will be reminded of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Repeat violations may result in account suspension. 
  • A second warning of the same type will result in account suspension. 
  • A second warning of a different type for leveled freelancers will result in account demotion.
  • Three warnings of any type will result in your account being suspended.
  • Warnings you receive in your account might affect your freelancer-level eligibility. Learn more about Fiverr’s Level System.
  • Some violations may result in an immediate block without warning based on the severity of the violation.

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