Using Quick Responses

Within all messages, whether it be in your Inbox, active order, or delivery message, you can create a quick response template to help you reply to your buyers much faster.

For example, If you're a graphic designer, you can expect buyers to ask about which file formats you provide. To avoid writing the same response to multiple buyers, you can create a templatized response named "Graphic Design Formats", where you can write a message detailing the file formats you provide in your Gig. 


About the suggested Quick Responses 

Suggested Quick Responses are created to help you answer your buyers' most common questions efficiently.
A sample text for the most common scenarios is provided and you can edit the text, and add your personal touch to it, prior to sending the message. By responding quickly, you can provide a better service for your buyers.


To use suggested Quick Responses

1. To use a quick response, click on the lighting bolt icon.

2. When replying to a message, you'll see a pop-up below the message field containing responses to common buyer inquiries.

Note: You can use the suggested quick responses from within an Inbox message, an order, and an order delivery.

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3. After you've clicked the relevant response, add or change the text in your message to personalize it before you sent it.
Note: In some instances, you will need to add additional details when you see: <place add details here>.

4. Click Send.


Note: Users can add up to 100 quick responses. If you attempt to add more than 100, the additional responses will be saved but will not be visible after the page refreshes.


To create a new Quick Response template

1. Right below the message area within your inbox, an active order, or in a delivery message, click the lightning bolt icon. This will open the Use a Quick Response feature.

2. Click Create a new quick response.


3. In the quick response name field, enter the name of your template response.

4. In the Enter your quick response field, enter the text you would like to save and send to the user.

5. Click Save.
Your quick response will be saved and available for use by clicking the arrow next to Use a Quick Response.



 To edit, duplicate, or delete a Quick Response

  1. Click on the Quick Response button (the lightning bolt icon) and hover your cursor over the response you wish to modify.

  2. Choose the action you want to perform from the icons that will appear on the right-hand side of the response (edit/duplicate/delete icons).
    Remember: Typing {username} will automatically insert the recipient's username within your message.

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