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The Sales Analytics page displays statistics regarding your sales, activities, etc.
To view your Analytics, simply log in, go to the Selling menu, then click Analytics.

Below we'll review each section on the page.

Analytics bar (earning information)

At the top of the page, you'll see the Analytics bar.
Here can view the following statistics and earnings information:

  • Total Earnings
    This shows the total amount of revenue you earned.
  • Total Completed Orders
    This shows how many overall orders you completed since you opened your account.
  • Avg. Selling Price
    This shows the average selling price of your Gig. This factors in regular orders, Gig Extras, Multiples, and Packages.
  • Earned in (Current Month)
    This shows the amount of money from orders that have entered the clearing period within the calendar month. For example, you will see revenues from completed orders and pending orders during this month.


This section displays a chart with information about your sales.
Select the time frame (last 30 days, yearly, etc.) for the statistics you'd like to view via a graph.

This graph shows:

  • Earned
    This shows the amount of net revenue you received.
  • Canceled
    This shows the amount of potential earnings you could have made by avoiding cancellations.
  • Completed
    This indicates the number of completed orders.
  • New Orders
    This shows the number of new orders.

Note: By default, the last 30 days option is shown. You can use the drop-down box to select a different date range.


This section shows you two types of orders/sales:

  • Active
    This shows orders in progress, late, delivered, disputed, and rejected. Alongside each status is a dollar amount.
  • Completed
    This shows your total net revenue made from Gigs and Custom Offers, and then your average selling price for each.

Note: You can choose the way you would like to see your sales analytics (By Order and By Revenue).

Your Seller Level

Disclaimer: Fiverr Pro sellers (who go through a rigorous application process) may be entitled to the Top Rated Seller (TRS) Level—following a manual review by Fiverr’s editorial team.

Promotion is based on other requirements such as high-quality service, high buyer satisfaction, and on-time delivery.

This section displays your current Seller Level and provides you with information on performance standards and your personal progress. You can view your progress as a seller from a New Seller to a Top Rated Seller in a progression timeline.

These statistics are all measured for activity during the last 60 days:

  • Response Rate
    This shows the percentage of inquiries you responded to. It also displays your average response time.
  • Order Completion Rate
    This shows your completed orders, without cancellations, by percentage.
  • On-time Delivery
    This shows the overall percentage of orders delivered on time.
  • Ratings
    This shows your average rating over the course of 60 days.

You can also view other statistics in this section, including:

  • Seller Seniority
    This shows your seniority as a seller on Fiverr.
  • Orders
    This shows received and completed orders (all time).
  • Earnings
    This shows your earnings from completed orders (all time).
  • Days Without Warnings
    This shows how many days you have gone without a warning from Fiverr.


This section helps you keep track of your buyer's experience and your quality of service.
You can view your All-Time Rating, how many buyers rated your work, and the breakdown of your ratings (i.e. Communication with Seller, Service as Described, etc.).


This section provides you with information about your canceled orders, including:

  • Initiated by
    This shows a breakdown of your canceled orders in the last 60 days, according to the type of cancellation. 
  • Top Cancellations Reasons
    This shows the top reasons for the cancellations. 

Global Reach

Here you can view where your buyers are located with the World Domination chart.
Place your mouse over any country on the map to view how many orders you received in that specific country.

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