Delivering an order

How to deliver an order?

Before you complete your order, you must send the finished work to your buyer.
To deliver your order:

  1. Log in > Orders > View all your orders.

  2. On the Orders page, either click Deliver your order or scroll down and click Deliver now.
    You can also go to the order you'd like to deliver and click Deliver now.
    Note: You can also access your orders through emails or notifications.

  3. Click Upload work and attach your delivery.
    Note: A single file is limited to up to 5 GB. If you don't deliver a file, you'll be prompted to confirm that no file is attached.

  4. Under Describe your delivery in detail, write a brief description of your delivery > Deliver work.

Not ready to deliver? 

You can click Save draft and save the work you have already completed.
When you're ready, you reopen this delivery and deliver your work.

Order status: "Completed"

Important: Delivery is the final part of your service.
Work samples, drafts, or incomplete work should not be included in the delivery.

Once your order is marked completed, the order will be processed for payment.

Your order status will change to completed as soon as your buyer accepts the delivery. 

If your buyer doesn't accept or reject your order, it's automatically marked completed three days after the delivery's due date.

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What to do if a buyer isn't satisfied with the delivery?

Modify your work

If a buyer is unsatisfied with the completed work or wants a modification, you can deliver the modified work.

After you have modified your completed work: View order > Deliver modified work.

Note: Make sure the required changes have been made before re-delivery.

Extend review time

Buyers may also request additional time to review the delivered work.
In this case, you will be notified that the buyer has added time to the review period.

Note: Make sure you allow them time to check, and keep communication active, in case they have questions or revision requests.

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Troubleshoot file attachments or technical errors

If the file you'd like to deliver is too big, or you experience technical limitations, you may use alternative methods to send a file (e.g., a dropbox link).

For any additional issues, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team.

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