Custom offers

Custom offers are all about being proactive—Offer your customized services to potential buyers.

Creating a custom offer

Note: Milestone and subscription custom offers are not available in all categories.

  1. Log in > Click Messages > Inbox > See all in inbox
  2. Open an Inbox message > Click Create an offer
  3. Select a Gig > Choose an order type:
    • Single payment
    • Subscriptions
    • Milestones
  4. Select a Package > Select > Your template is filled with existing package details.
    Customize per the buyer’s requests. Example: Offer an expiry date, and a number of revisions (optional)
  5. Click Send offer

Custom Subscription offers

Note: This feature is being introduced and is not yet available to all Fiverr users.

Subscription benefits:

  • Helps you grow your business and income by getting repeat orders 
  • Improve your visibility, reputation, and increase your conversion rate—learn about repeat business scores

Subscription details:

Subscriptions can be offered for up to 6 months, at the subscription price (from $5) you choose, and at your chosen schedule:

  • Daily subscription: Orders can recur every 5 to 29 days
  • Weekly subscription: Order can recur every 1 to 7 weeks
  • Monthly subscription: Order can recur every 1-2 months

Learn more about Subscriptions.

Custom milestones offers

Milestones benefits:

  • Manage complex projects
  • Get paid for project tasks as you complete them
  • Build trust with your buyers as they approve each milestone step

Milestone details:

Each milestone project can have up to 5 steps. You need to give each step a name and description.
Example: Animated Explainers category > "Storyboard" step
You need to set the delivery time and price per step, and for final delivery, submit all the steps.

Learn more about Milestones. 

Custom payment options

Choose either subscription or milestones; they cannot be combined into the same order. Suggest a payment option based on the information given by the buyer: 

  • Single payment: Use for simple deliveries that can be completed in 1 step 
  • Subscription: Use this option when a buyer wants to make repeat orders—set a price and delivery schedule that fits the buyer’s needs
  • Milestones: Use this option for complex projects—the buyer will approve each project step

In all cases:

  • Once you receive all the needed info, disable the Ask for Gig Requirements option. Then, once the buyer accepts your custom offer, the order starts automatically 
  • You can accept custom offers even if your Set your availability status is set to “pause”. Check if you have any custom offer requests before you take time off. 

Learn more about custom offers by reading our blog: Custom offers can help your Fiverr business grow

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