What are packages?

Packages are a pricing structure for selling services on Fiverr. Packages allow you to combine your basic Gig with built-in revisions and extras to create an offer that gives buyers precisely what they want.

Packages make buying and selling on Fiverr easier in a few ways:

  • Freedom
    Sellers have the freedom to position their services exactly how they want to, at a price that suits them. 
  • Efficiency
    Buyers can order precisely what they need in just one click.
  • Clarity
    You are aligned with your buyer, on what is included in the order, from the very beginning of the order process. This will reduce back-and-forth communication about what the Gig consists of.


  1. How do packages work?
    You can activate the triple packages mode from the pricing section on the Create a Gig page.

    Click the
     3 Packages toggle. Once you’re in packages mode, you can set the elements (including the basic Gig alongside the upgrades and the number of revisions) that you would like to include in that package.

    Tip: When you're deciding what to include in your package, think about the most popular or most-requested extras from buyers, or the elements that you feel are necessary to make your Gig work best. Then, create the package you think will best and meet your buyers’ needs. Set the description, pricing, and delivery details accordingly.

  2. How much should I charge for my package?
    You can price your packages anywhere, starting from $5, up to the maximum price for that particular package.

    Tip: You can also click around your category and see other sellers’ packages, and if they are similar to your prices.

  3. What’s the difference between extras and upgrades?
    Upgrades are predefined factors that can be added to a selected package on checkout.

    Extras are unique upgrades that you cannot include in your package, but you would like to offer to your Buyers.

  4. Does the service fee change?
    No. Fiverr’s standard service fee still applies.

  5. Will it change my ratings?
    Ratings will not be affected by packages.

  6. How should I label or name my packages?
    Keep it simple and descriptive. The name of each package should highlight what is distinctive about that particular package. Think about what will catch a buyer’s eye and apply it to your package. 

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