Feedback and ratings

To maintain the integrity and quality of our marketplace, we ask both sellers and buyers to provide reviews after each order is completed. Reviews are based on honesty and are independent of any external pressures, providing both buyers and sellers with the opportunity to learn and improve.


How Fiverr Reviews work

Once an order is marked as "completed", a buyer has 14 days to leave a review, whereas for the programming & tech category and certain SEO sub-categories, the time frame is 30 days to leave a review.

Once the review is submitted, you will receive a notification, and also have the opportunity to leave feedback about the buyer. At this stage, you can't see a buyer's review. Once either both seller and buyer have completed their reviews, or the 10 days have passed, all reviews are made public. 

Please note: Sellers can only write a review after their buyer has written one.


Responding to a review

As soon as both reviews (from the buyer and seller) have been published, you can reply to a buyer’s review from the Order page.



Ratings are made up of  3 main aspects:

  1. The level of communication you provide during the order.
  2. If the service delivered was as described in the Gig's description.
  3. If the buyer would buy from you again, or if the buyer would recommend you—based on the quality of the delivery.

Each area is rated by the buyer, from 1-5 stars. Each rating is calculated into the final rating result. 


Negative reviews

While getting a negative review can be disappointing, it is also an opportunity to learn.
Improve your buyers’ overall experiences by taking negative reviews into consideration, and be sure to apply what you learned to your future orders.

Please note: Reviews are subjective opinions based on individual preference, and, unfortunately, you can't please every buyer 100% of the time. Unless a review specifically violates Fiverr's Terms of Service, it can't be removed. 


Managing negative reviews

The best way to manage a negative review is to learn from the experience. Commit to solving the problem that a buyer may have pointed out when you work on future orders.   

If the problem mentioned in a buyer’s review is one you can help resolve, it may be best to respond via a private message, to explain how you would go about fixing it.

If the problem mentioned isn’t one you can resolve, your best option may be to respond to the review, put it behind you, and move on. 

Please note: If a buyer’s review is not in line with our Terms of Service, contact Customer Service.


Tips for great ratings and reviews 

  • Communicate clearly with your buyers 
    Be transparent from the very beginning of the order until fully completed and delivered, and don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way. Gaining clarity improves your service, ensures that a buyer understands what they will receive, and provides confidence that they will be satisfied with it.

  • Thoroughly describe your service on your Gig page
    Make sure that your title is clear, your description explains the service you provide (in great detail), and, if necessary, clarify what you don’t offer within the Gig’s scope.

  • Use the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section
    Equip yourself and provide answers to the most common issues and concerns raised.

  • Reply to your buyers’ reviews
    A two-way conversation can make a big difference. Many times, the most successful response to negative reviews include a simple apology to rectify the situation. 

  • Remember that your responses are visible to other potential buyers
    Take this into consideration when you respond to each and every buyer's review—good or bad. 

  • Try to avoid from cancellations that might lead to a negative review
    • Be communicative and responsive with the buyer
    • Deliver on time
    • Provide a delivery that meets the buyers expectations

Keep in mind

  • Reviews about a seller only appear in a seller's profile
  • Once reviews have been made public, Fiverr can't change or remove them unless they violate the Terms of Service 


Reminder: If you see any reviews that violate our Community Standards or Terms of Service, contact Customer Support.


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