First Order Best Practices


When a buyer places an order with you, for either their very first time or for a new order with you, it's natural for them to feel a little anxious. This is an opportunity for you, as the seller, to create an enjoyable and high-quality experience that will ultimately benefit both you and your customers in the long run. 


Tips to help you ensure that you achieve First Order Best Practices:

1. First things first! Always remember to answer your buyers right away, or at least as soon as possible.

Answering your buyers promptly will immediately make them feel at ease - knowing that you are on the ball and readily available. During the initial chat, let them know that you’ve read all of their specific requirements and that if you have any questions, you’ll be sure to ask them to ensure clarity.

2. Provide your buyers with regular progress updates throughout the stages of the order. You can do this by:

  • Sending drafts at various stages throughout the order.
  • Providing in-process updates.
  • Providing your buyers with enough time to send you any feedback they may have in relation to the order.
  • Remember: Your buyers expect the final delivery on the delivery date as set in the order. Make sure that you have set aside enough time for any order revisions required prior to the delivery date.

Communicating throughout the entire order process and delivering on time creates an environment of trust and quality that keeps your customers coming back for more.

3. If you feel that you won’t have enough time to complete the delivery...

Please make use of the Resolution Center. Here, you can ask the buyer to extend the delivery time if required. If you find yourself extending your deliveries on a regular basis, we recommend that you update your Gig and set a delivery time with which you feel more comfortable.



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