Live Portfolio

Your live portfolio is an important feature that allows buyers to see the work you’ve done on Fiverr. Buyers love seeing examples before ordering, so we strongly recommend having an active live portfolio for all your Gigs.

The live portfolio feature is activated by default. With this feature enabled, your buyers will have the option to either display or remove your work once delivered.

Once you have activated your live portfolio, it takes effect from that point on, and doesn't show past work samples.
Note: Work samples cannot be added to your profile if the live portfolio feature is disabled at that time.

If you don't want a work sample to be created from a specific order, deliver the work in a compressed folder, or use a third-party file-sharing service that doesn't need you to email buyers.


To disable or reactivate the Live Portfolio feature:
  1. Log in > My Business > Gigs.
  2. Within the Gig list, click the drop-down.
  3. Next to Live Portfolio, either uncheck to disable or check to reactivate.
Note: Live portfolio can't be disabled for certain categories, like Graphics & Design. 


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