The How-Tos Of Advertising Off The Fiverr Platform

Charles, aka silberma1976 on Fiverr, struggled with writing in high school. After learning to express himself through poetry, his writing improved so much that he was able to get his poetry published. Now, Charles shares his talents and advice on Fiverr. Today’s article focuses on effectively advertising your Gig off of the Fiverr platform.
Sometimes inspiration is right under your nose. If you’re looking to improve your sales on Fiverr, look no further than the platform itself. Fiverr does an amazing job of getting you in front of buyers. From articles in publications related to categories on the platform, to being mentioned in top-of-the-line productivity publications, they do the lion’s share of the work to help bring you buyers. As a business person and Fiverr seller, you want to do what you can to help drive your sales. 

So here are some key things to consider when you’re advertising your Gigs off-site:
Point It Back to Fiverr
No matter where you choose to advertise, leave no contact information other than a link pointing back to your Fiverr profile. Fiverr’s Terms of Service state that you cannot communicate with buyers off the platform in any method. Thus, any call-to-action button on any platform off Fiverr should always point back to Fiverr.
Use Fiverr Sellers
Smart entrepreneurs know the value of outsourcing. This is no different for your Fiverr Gigs. Some amazing service providers on Fiverr can help you develop and execute a marketing plan. Others who can create social media profiles and act as a virtual assistant to help manage your pages, including posting and replying to any queries. Take advantage of the platform’s power to help you create your advertising channels off of Fiverr.
Use Social Media
Social media is advertising in its purest form. As a buyer, you should establish social media accounts specifically for your Fiverr business. Each platform has its own features, which is why outsourcing this work to someone who knows how to take advantage of all the features of each network is a good strategy. For example, Facebook allows you to create a business page where you can list a lot of information about your business, ranging from hours of operation to the types of services offered. Plus, Facebook offers insights into how posts are being received, and you can even target specific demographics. Start with one platform at a time. You are ultimately creating a brand image, which requires attention to detail and consistency in how you establish yourself. This takes time and thought, so don’t rush through it.

Also, avoid the following traps: buying traffic, likes, or SEO optimization. There is no magic formula you can buy to make your social media presence explode overnight. Grow your social media presence naturally. Playing it clean and being patient will ensure you attract the right potential sales leads.
Build a Portfolio
Today, you can get a domain name for under $10 and a hosting plan for around $5 a month. Set up an online portfolio to show your work and present who you are. An online portfolio has many benefits. It creates a web presence where people can find you through a general web search, allows you to provide a real-time link to samples and negotiate orders, and allows you to carefully craft your brand to send people to your social media pages and Fiverr profile. For example, you can place Fiverr promotions on your page using the Fiverr promotions feature. An online portfolio makes you a real person with a personality. At the end of the day, in any sale, you are ultimately selling yourself.
Where the Buyer Things Are
Find where your potential buyers spend their time online. This could be forums like Facebook groups. In doing this, avoid randomly posting about your Gig. Become a part of the community and find a natural place to mention your services. This also carries over to paid efforts of getting traffic to your Gigs. Facebook ads, web banners, guest blog posts, and the like are all ways of getting your Fiverr business out there. Be sure to tailor your advertising to your demographic. As stated many times in this post, use the extraordinary sellers on Fiverr to help you with these efforts. Trying to learn internet marketing on your own can lead you into a black hole of confusion.
Other Places to Consider Advertising
  1. Online classifieds, such as Craigslist and Gumtree
  2. Cross-promotional efforts with other sellers
  3. Real-world methods, such as business cards, flyers, and posters
  4. Family and friends
  5. Your co-workers, as long as your office environment supports freelancing in your spare time
Advertising off-site is possible. It takes time, effort, creativity, and support. Not every effort will pan out, however, so you have to learn from trial and error. But by following the Terms of Service and using the power of the platform you sell on, advertising off Fiverr can be beneficial to your growth as a seller. Sales are never guaranteed, but you never know until you try.

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