Adding a video to your Gig


It’s important for buyers to see a sample of your work to get a sense of your level of professionalism, and better understand what service you offer. Add a video to your Gig and use the opportunity to personally explain your service—creatively. Be sure to use a high-quality and original video that stands out.

Disclaimer: Only use images and content created, or fully owned, by you. Do not use copyrighted images or your Gig may be removed from the marketplace.


Gig video requirements


Video & Animation subcategories that are required to upload a Gig Video

Animation for Kids

App & Website Previews Book Trailers, Game Trailers Live-Action Explainers Lyric & Music Videos
Real Estate Promos Short Video Ads Spokesperson Videos Whiteboards Animated Explainers


Other categories

While it’s not required, we recommend that you upload a Gig video with audio. Your video has the potential to influence customers and can motivate them to purchase your services.


Gig video guidelines: Dos and Don'ts

Use our Dos and Don'ts guidelines to ensure that your Gig Videos are high-quality and follow our policy. 
 Mention that your services are offered exclusively on Fiverr.


  • Make sure you match these technical requirements:
    • Your video is up to 75 seconds—meaning no longer than 1 minute and 15 seconds total
    • Your video file is less than 50 MB
    • Accepted file formats: mp4 and AVI
    • Use "landscape" mode

  • Keep your video concise and only related to the service you offer

  • If you offer a service in a different language, write your Gig details in that language (in addition to English)
    Your video can be in the other language, but be sure to mention what language you offer in your service in your Gig title.
    "I will create video Ads in Spanish."

  • Make sure that your video is clear and without background noises
    Pro-tip: Position your microphone properly, and use professional audio equipment to record your video to ensure crisp audio and video quality.

  • We recommend that you use your own voice instead of using a computerized narration
    If you do want to use a computerized narration, make sure it's high quality and as close to your original voice.


  • Never add contact information in your Gig's video

  • Don't use the same video for multiple Gigs
    Keep each video customized to the specific service.

  • Don't include URLs in your videos
    If you are using a sample from your portfolio, make sure to change the contact information to placeholder details
    Example: " and 555-5555"

  • Don't use a Fiverr seller badge, rating stars, or any other Gig details
    Seller metrics are not permanent and may change on a monthly basis.

  • Videos should not contain copyrighted audio or a watermark that is not your own
    Make sure you have the rights/permissions for all content you include.

  • Don't ask another seller to create samples of your own work to showcase your talent
    If your service falls in the Video & Animation category, you may not use another seller to create your Gig video on your behalf.


Add a Gig video and thumbnail

To add a Gig video to a new Gig:

  1. Go to Create a New GigGallery tab.
  2. You can either drag-and-drop your video file, or browse for a file on your computer.

When a buyer searches the Marketplace, the video you upload will appear as the Gig cover image.

Note: To adjust your video's thumbnail, your video must be approved first.

To edit your Gig video's thumbnail:

  1. While in Gig Edit mode > Gallery > Video > Edit.
  2. Press Play > Pause the video on the desired frame > Set as preview > Close.

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