Recent updates to Fiverr's Ratings and Reviews system

Public ratings will now only reflect the past two years of your activity. This change aims to better represent your current performance, as we know skills continuously improve and recent projects best showcase your capabilities.

We've updated the total score calculation to consider ratings from the last two years (from the most recent review), instead of your entire history. The total number of reviews, and the reviews themselves, will still reflect your lifetime work, but the rating score itself will only take into account recent feedback.


If a Gig hasn't received new reviews in the past two years, your existing score will remain. Once you receive new reviews, your rating will be recalculated based on the most recent feedback.


Public feedback form questions

We’ve updated the public feedback form to ensure the feedback from buyers is more relevant and actionable, in order for us to better highlight your skills and strengths to potential clients.


The updated rating form 


Editing reviews after submission - New! 

Our ratings and reviews policy has been updated. From now on, buyers will have the ability to edit their reviews themself for up to 14 days or until the seller submits their review, whichever comes sooner. Once a review is published, it can no longer be edited by the buyer, seller, or Customer Support. Only reviews that violate our Terms of Service and Community Standards will be removed.

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