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What is an agency on Fiverr?

An agency is a company that employs a team of professionals with diverse skills and experience, offering a broad range of services and solutions. Agencies can manage multiple high-scale projects and clients simultaneously, providing the ability to scale up.

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What are the benefits of being an agency?

Here are some key advantages of becoming an agency:

  • You’ll get to display yourself to customers as an agency. This will make it easier for relevant customers to find your listing and get valuable information about your agency.
  • In search results, agencies will be eligible to be displayed in dedicated areas where we’ll suggest that customers order from agencies. Agencies will be highlighted emphasizing their added value. Customers can also use the filters to find  “Agencies” easily. 
  • Some benefits include faster CS response times and access to future benefits to be implemented in later phases. 
  • Book a meeting - Agencies tend to work on big projects which often require a video meeting to align on the project. This meeting is free and will not work like the Paid Consultation feature. If you have the Paid Consultation feature activated, it will automatically revert to a free meeting.

How to become an agency?

Agency vetting process

To ensure the reliability and capability of agencies on our platform, we are implementing a thorough vetting process. This process aims to maintain the quality of services agencies offer and foster a trustworthy business environment.

Currently, the only two categories open to agencies are Digital Marketing and Programming & Tech. Stay tuned for additional categories coming soon. 

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Note: After completing onboarding, your information will be carefully reviewed by our team. You will be notified whether your agency is approved and live, or if any minor adjustments are needed to finalize your profile.

The vetting process steps:

1. Invitations will be sent to users who meet the current criteria.

2. Fill out the application form.

3. Qualified users will be invited to create their agency from the profile self-view page.



Creating your agency

Note: All fields are mandatory and must be completed. There is an option to save your information to complete later on.

Changing from being displayed as a freelancer to being displayed as an agency may require getting used to and we will do our best to make this as easy for you as possible. If at any point you wish to go back to being displayed as a freelancer, you'll be able to do so from the agency management section on the self view page.

For additional requirements and tips and tricks, please check out our article Fiverr agencies - onboarding requirements


  1. Can I switch back and forth between my regular freelancer account?
    If you’re interested in returning to being a freelancer and no longer being an agency, you can switch back from your “manage agency” area in the profile self view page.

    All of your information will be saved and you’ll go back to being displayed as a freelancer and lose any benefits you accumulated as an agency. Take into account that you may want to update some of your information to display yourself as a freelancer and not as an agency. If you’ll want to go back to being an agency in the future you may be required to go through the onboarding process all over again.

  2. How will customers find me?
    In search results, the agency will be displayed differently from individual users: 
  • You’ll be marked as an agency
    When customers filter “agencies”, they will be able to find you. Your new agency Card will be shown instead of the regular Gig cards.
  • Your appearance in search results will highlight info about your agency making you stand out and emphasizing your added value as an agency. 
  • You’ll be eligible to be displayed in dedicated areas where we suggest customers order from agencies.
  • The agency cards are double the size of a Gig card, which can potentially get more attention from buyers when browsing a listing.
  • The new agency cards will lead buyers to your new agency Page, with all of the information you’ve provided about your agency. For example, team member information, and the services you provide.
  • Your gigs will appear across Fiverr, in the listings in Pro, different carousels of gigs, and on a clients’ home page,  and will remain the same (with a slight change in the design)
  1.  What happens to my account's settings and history when becoming an agency?
    Your seller page will become an agency page and you will continue to have only one profile page. This page will display information provided as part of the agency creation as well as your current seller profile information. Your orders, gigs, chats, and reviews will remain the same when you switch from your freelancer and agency accounts. The only thing that will change is your profile page and your appearance in search results.

  2. Can team members also have their own Fiverr accounts?
    Yes, but it is not recommended. With upcoming phases of the product, having a separate account will affect the agencies' ability to manage their roles and permission. Each email can only be connected to one Fiverr account.

  3. Will my revenue be split so I can track what my agency has brought in vs. my regular freelancer account?
    No, all of the information will be reflected on your financial page.

  4. Why wasn’t I qualified for Fiverr agencies?
    Agencies on Fiverr are designed for established companies with a team of in-house experts, a solid online presence, and the ability to handle various aspects of high-scale projects. The aim is to showcase these agencies and their teams on Fiverr.
    Based on the information and responses provided, it seems this particular program may not be the best fit for your current profile. We truly appreciate your contributions to our community and platform. Rest assured, we're actively developing alternative solutions to better suit your business model. These will include options and benefits for smaller teams, freelancers who collaborate with others, and those who prefer not to publicly display their team on Fiverr.

    We regularly refine our criteria and will reach out if your profile becomes a better match in the future. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

  5. Who receives an invitation to become an agency?
    To be eligible, agencies should possess a strong online presence, the ability to handle diverse aspects of high-scale projects, and a desire to be showcased as an agency with their team on our Fiverr.Currently, this solution is specifically available for agencies in the Programming & Tech or Digital Marketing categories. However, agencies meeting the criteria and operating in other categories can anticipate receiving an invitation in the near future. If your agency operates in one of these categories and aligns with the described criteria, please let us know. We'll review your information to assess your compatibility.

  6. If have a Gig in Digital Marketing or Programming & Tech, will I be eligible to apply to become an agency?
    Agencies are currently only limited to freelancers whose main Gig offering is within the Digital Marketing or Programming & Tech categories.

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