Fiverr Neo for freelancers


We understand that matching clients with fitted freelancers can be challenging. That's why we created Fiverr Neo, our smart matching tool that is all about helping clients to locate the ideal freelancers with the right talent and services for specific projects.

How does it work?

Potential clients can use Fiverr Neo, our smart matching tool, to chat about their needs. Neo will ask them questions to understand their unique requirements and then generate a list of recommended freelancers for them to explore. Once a client decides to proceed with one of Neo's recommendations, that's where the journey begins.

Note: If a brief was created through Fiverr Neo, the system will flag it as a match.

  1. Once a Request a quote has been submitted by the client, you will receive a message via your Inbox.


  2. Review the brief carefully. It should contain all of the important information about the project, because Neo asked the potential client all of the relevant questions when generating it.

    a. If everything is clear with the timeline, budget, and scope of the project, you can send your client a custom offer based on their brief.
    b. If you need more information or need to change anything, talk to your potential client and make sure that you both agree on the delivery date, price, timeline, and deliverables.

  3. Send a custom offer. 



  1. What’s the difference between the Get matched with buyers feature and Fiverr Neo?
    Both create an opportunity for a match based on the clients' requirements. Neo offers a conversational, dynamic experience to clients so they can better articulate their requirements.

  2. From a performance perspective, what happens if I don’t accept a request?
    We encourage freelancers to respond to clients and explain why they are declining their offer, to provide a better buying experience.  However, your account will not be affected by declining the request.

  3. Since this request comes in as an Inbox message, will it affect my response rate and time?
    Yes, but we will also make sure that declining an offer doesn't count towards the performance metrics.

  4. Is every Fiverr Neo Inbox message factored into my response rate?
    Yes, every inbox message that you receive through a Fiverr Neo brief counts into the response rate.

  5. How long do I have to respond to a Fiverr Neo request?
    There is no deadline, but clients may reach out to multiple freelancers, so responding quickly increases your chances of getting the job. Responding within 24 hours of receiving the request will also prevent affecting your Response rate and time.

  6. Can I delete a Fiverr Neo conversation if things don't work out with the client?
    You can archive a conversation just like any other inbox conversation. There is no obligation to keep a conversation active as long as the client has not placed an order.

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