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We understand that matching clients with fitted freelancers can be challenging. That's why we created Fiverr Neo, our smart matching tool that is all about helping clients to locate the ideal freelancers with the right talent and services for specific projects.

How does it work?

Fiverr Neo can quickly understand your unique needs by having a conversation with you. You can tell Neo what you need in your own words, and Neo will ask follow-up questions to get more information.

To help Neo work best, be as specific as possible in your chat. Neo will then generate a recommended freelancer for you. If you'd like to see other freelancer options from Fiverr Neo, you can continue to search for more. 

  1. Once you log in to your Fiverr account, you can start chatting with Fiverr Neo in two ways:

    a. On the main homepage, click the banner that says "Talk to Fiverr Neo."
    b. In your inbox, select "Talk to Fiverr Neo."

  1. Specify the service that you are looking for. For example: ‘I need a business plan for my startup’.

  2. As you chat with Neo, it will recommend different options and ask you follow-up questions to narrow down your request. These questions may be about your budget, style, design, etc.

  3. After you are done, Fiverr Neo will show you the most fitted match. Click on Request a quote to send the request to the freelancer.
    If you'd like to consider another freelancer or service that Fiverr Neo recommends, you can click "Show me another option" to see more options.

  4. Once the freelancer receives the request, they can reply with an offer. If more information is needed, you can discuss the requirements with the freelancer from this point on. 

If you need more time or have to leave, you can resume your chat later. Chats are automatically labeled with a subject according to the conversation, so clients can easily find them later.


  1. How are the freelancers picked?
    Based on the specifications you have provided and with the help of our smart algorithm, Fiverr Neo will suggest the highly qualified freelancer first. 

  2. After I have submitted my brief, what should I expect?
    Once the request has been sent, we will inform the freelancer and they may contact you to gather more information if necessary, or they may simply send you a custom offer.

  3. How will I know if the freelancer has received my Neo request?
    After you send your request to the freelancer in the chat, a shortcut to the inbox conversation will appear. This means that the freelancer has received your brief. The freelancer will respond to your message when they see it. The freelancer may finalize the price and scope of the project in the inbox, and create a custom quote once everything is agreed upon.

  4. How soon will I get offers from freelancers?
    We can’t provide an exact time frame for when you will receive offers, since some freelancers may respond faster than others. It is recommended to tell Fiverr Neo your deadline so that it can find the freelancer who can best meet your needs.

  5. Can I cancel my Neo request?
    Not at the moment. Keep in mind that you are not committing to anything until you place an order.

  6. Can I send a Neo request via the Fiverr app?
    Not yet, as this feature is still under development via the mobile app.

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