Using your Fiverr seller profile

Important: Optimize how customers see you by regularly updating your Fiverr seller profile.

Your freelancer profile is designed to highlight
the person behind your professional skills.
With bigger customers searching for expert freelance talent, your profile emphasizes the most important thing about your service, you.

Be sure to use our
Gig image guidelines when adding images to your profile. 

Setting up your Fiverr seller profile

Note: If you don’t see the changes on your Fiverr profile immediately—don’t worry. The new features are being rolled out gradually and you’ll see them in the near future.


1. Add your profile picture

This should take you ~3 mins

Personal Info > Profile Picture> Add Image

Establish credibility and show customer who you are with a clear and professional photo of yourself. If your profile represents an agency, you can use your company logo.
Upload a professional portrait—clearly showing your face.
Learn more profile picture tips.

(1) Add your profile picture_fiverrProprofile.png Recommended image size: 320x320
Supported formats: JPG / PNG
Maximum: 3MB

For more information, read how to make your profile stand out and always ensure that you are aligned with our Community Standards.

2. Add a one-liner/ tagline 

This should take you ~2 mins


Under your profile picture, provide a precise “one-liner” about your business, professional skills, and/or experience (70 character limit).
Tip: Make sure that your spelling and grammar are perfect; Keep it short, clear, and ensure that it's professional and relevant to your skills and services.

Examples: Expert Web Designer; iOS Software Engineering; Expert in Cinematic Editing; Lead generation specialist.

Don’t: Mention your personal email, website, or a link to a platform external to Fiverr


2. Add a one-liner/ tagline 

This should take you ~2 mins

My Profile > Education > Add New

Provide your educational details.png

4. Provide your certifications 

My Profile > Certification > Add New

Provide your certifications.png

5. “About Me”/ Description

This should take you ~5 mins

About me.png

My Profile > Edit Description

Share a little about yourself with your buyers—your passions, experience, skills, and whatever else has significantly shaped your professional experience.
Tip: Be specific about what you can bring to a project, team, and company. Highlight your current projects and elaborate on the types of projects you want to work on. Highlight the key accomplishments in your career.


  • Mention irrelevant details 
  • Share your personal email, website, or a link to a platform external to Fiverr

6. Tag your most relevant skills

This should take you ~3 mins

My Profile > Skills > Add New 


Tip: Keeping your skills up to date helps you get the jobs. Make sure to add and update your skills and routinely remove any outdated skills. Highlight your areas of specialty and expertise to help potential buyers find your service when they search the marketplace.
Don’t mention skills that don’t match your services.


7. Add your Top Clients

This should take you ~5 mins

 My Profile > Add A Client

Note: Currently, this feature is not available for all users. For users already accessing it, it will take a few days to reflect in your profile. 

Add your Top Clients.png

Tip: Add your most familiar customer one at a time, whose work samples you have permission to share in your portfolio.

Don’t: Mention companies' names you haven’t worked with or use fake companies.

Build customer confidence by showing them the top brands you've worked for in the past. See exactly how to add your Top Clients. 

8. Add your portfolio

This should take you ~15 mins

Note: Currently, this feature is available for eligible sellers only.

My Portfolio > Create Project  > Upload Your First project > Complete details > Create New project

Add your portfolio.png

Recommended max size per image/video: 50MB
Supported formats: JPEG; JPG; PNG; GIF; MP4; AVI

Upload: 5- 20 portfolio items to show variations of your skillset

Tip: Display your best work to represent your professional know-how, service proficiency, and unique skill set. Always highlight your best and most recent!

Don’t: Put emphasis on dated works or mention your personal email, website, or add a link to a platform external to Fiverr.

If your service is non-visual in nature, you can still use the portfolio to showcase your service. Example: SEO/ Translation services.

Learn more about Using My Portfolio.

Gig images

This should take you about 3 mins

Use Gig images that stand out and describe your service the best to attract buyers and generate revenue.

Recommended image size: 1280 x 769 px

Recommended minimum image size: 712 x 430

Recommended maximum image size: 4000 x 2416 px (at 72 DPI)

Be sure to follow our Gig image guidelines.

If you need any more help with your Fiverr seller profile, contact Customer Support. 

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