The new DAC7 (Directive on Administrative Cooperation in the Field of Taxation) rules in the European Union require online platforms to collect and report information about our EU sellers for tax purposes. To comply with this, all Fiverr sellers who are residents in one of the EU member states must update the required DAC7 form. The information will be reported to the EU tax authorities.


Note: Sellers who are residents in one of the European Union member states must complete the DAC7 form within 60 days. Failing to complete the DAC7 form may result in an account suspension and the withdrawal of funds will be blocked.

If you aren't a resident of the EU, however, your address is located in the EU, contact our Customer Support team to change your location.

Data collection and reporting (or Data Privacy and Security)

When you fill in the DAC7 form, you will be required to provide your personal information, such as your full name, address, date of birth (for individuals), and your Tax Identification Number, also known as TIN. The information will be used for reporting to the relevant EU tax authorities and as further required by applicable laws.

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  1. Where do I fill out this form?
    A new Financial documents tab will be located within your Earnings page. You will need to select Edit information under the DAC7 document.

  2. How do I fill in my TIN number? 
    To verify that your TIN number is valid and in the correct format, please use the online checker here

  3. How long do sellers have to complete the process?  
    To continue selling on Fiverr, all EU sellers must update the required information within 60 days.

  4. How will sellers be notified?
    Sellers will be notified by email, a top banner notification, and Pin Flash.

  5. I submitted all of the required EU tax details, what happens next?
    After you submit your updated information, the internal team will review it and update your status accordingly. You will be notified whether your information has been approved or rejected.

  6. What if I am not  a resident of an EU state?
    Sellers residing outside the EU do not have to complete the DAC7 form. 

  7. If am a employed by a company, does this new regulation still apply?
    Yes, if you are a EU resident, whether you are an individual, a business or employed by a company, you are still required to fill out the form. If you are part of a company, fill out the form with the company’s information.

  8. I don’t have a Tax identification number (TIN), how do I get one?
    Individuals who don’t have a TIN can fill out their country and city of Birth. Otherwise, we advise you to contact your local tax authorities for more information.

  9. How will the data on the DAC7 be used?
    The information provided when filling out the DAC7 and your earnings will be reported to the relevant EU tax authorities.

  10. Will the income reported to the tax authorities be money earned or money withdrawn?
    It will be money earned. Fiverr considers the money earned at the time the funds have cleared and become available to withdraw.

  11. Who will this information be reported to, my local tax authority or an EU entity? The information will be reported to the relevant EU tax authorities.

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