Joining forces with AI Webinar

Adapting your writing skills to a changing world

Check out our recent webinar to discover practical strategies for enhancing your writing skills and incorporating emerging AI tools into your process to improve the quality and efficiency of your work.


Daria Rosenberg is a Fiverr Policies team leader with 6 years of experience in the Trust and Safety department, driving impactful solutions and shaping policies to support the growth of the platform's diverse community.

Nitzan Rotem is the manager of Fiverr’s Writing & Translation & Digital Marketing verticals, and possesses outstanding skills and experience in both fields. She's on an ongoing mission to upgrade Fiverr user experience and incorporate innovative tools into the platform.

Corrie is an AI content specialist with over five years of experience in SEO, blogging, freelancing, and digital marketing. One of Corrie's greatest joys is sharing her knowledge with others so that they too can leverage AI tools to build the business of their dreams.

Yoav Marcus is the Education & Engagement Manager. With vast experience in the Events & Marketing industry, he has hosted and produced various events (online, hybrid & in-person).

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