Reviews for canceled orders

A reliable review system plays an integral role in promoting trust between buyers and sellers on the Fiverr marketplace. This trust is important because it allows sellers to have more opportunities. Transparency is important for establishing credibility, and Fiverr believes that all experiences, even negative ones, should be shared. This is why buyers will now be able to leave reviews even when an order is canceled, under certain conditions.


It is important to take into account the specific circumstances under which a review for a canceled order is eligible. 

  • Order is late - this is considered when more than 24 hours have passed after the delivery due date.
  • Seller is unresponsive - the seller didn’t respond to the buyer’s inquiries or requests for more than 24 hours.
  • A delivery was provided to the buyer to complete the order.
  • Buyers must have completed at least one order before a review can be left.
The following scenarios are excluded from leaving reviews for canceled orders:
  • First-time buyers who purchased for the first time in the marketplace.
  • Buyers that have an active seller account.
  • Orders that were canceled with a chargeback.

Fiverr may remove the option to leave a review for canceled orders if any violations to our Terms of Service or Community Standards are found. Please reach our Customer Support team for further assistance.

How it works 

If a canceled order is eligible for a review, the buyer will have 5 days to leave their review.
After this time, the seller will also have the option to respond to the buyer's review.

When leaving a comment on a review, please remember to remain respectful and represent your business in a positive way. Remember, your review will be visible to potential buyers and this is an opportunity for you to show your positive customer service skills.

Tips and best practices to manage your order successfully and prevent negative feedback

  1. Set expectations from the beginning. The more thoroughly you understand your customers' needs and expectations, the more probable it is that they will be satisfied, post a positive review, and perhaps even return for other projects. We also recommend making sure you have all of the order requirements and that you understand what the buyer is asking for. Ask follow up questions as needed. If something is not clear, try to reach out and ask for clarification. If the buyer isn’t responding to you, you don’t feel like you fully understand what they want, or the requirements can’t be reached due to different scope variations, you can consider canceling the order and since a delivery wasn’t provided, the buyer won’t be able to leave feedback.
  2. Deliver on time. Keep in mind that the delivery date is part of the service agreement with your buyer, so they are expecting to receive all deliverables on time. However, if you can’t deliver on the original due date, you can request to extend the delivery time. To better manage the order and to provide good service, it is encouraged to extend the delivery before the order becomes late or if the delivery date needs to be changed. If the buyer is unresponsive, the delivery date will be extended. Read more here.

  3. Be responsive throughout the process of the order and be sure to answer any requests and/or questions. Remember, one of the most crucial factors in cultivating customer satisfaction and loyalty is responsiveness. 

  4. If for any reason there is a misconnection on the original agreement which may prevent the order from being completed, or the scope of the project was changed at the last minute, you can offer the buyer a partial refund as a resolution. Read more here


  1. What if I delivered what the buyer asked, but canceling the order is still inevitable? Would they be able to leave me a review?
    It is not always possible to satisfy all clients. In these cases, it is better to cancel the order by mutual agreement. This can actually be a positive experience for the buyer, as they might appreciate your level of service and willingness to work with them.
    Even if you have some unsatisfied customers, it will not significantly impact your ratings if most of your buyers are satisfied. Feedback is important, so be sure to collect it and use it to improve your business

  2. What if a buyer asked for things I don’t offer, placed the order by mistake,  didn’t set requirements, or other similar reasons? Are they still able to leave me a review?
    Only eligible canceled orders can be reviewed. Orders missing requirements or made by mistake (for example, if a buyer doesn’t understand the service), in most cases, don’t include delivery and thus aren’t eligible for a review. We recommend you set expectations right from the start, which means before the order or right when the order was placed, to make sure you have what is needed or the service that was ordered is what the buyer is looking for.

  3. Can a review be removed?
    Customer Support may remove a review that violates our Terms of Service. For more information, please reach out to our Customer Support specialists.

  4. How will a review for a canceled order look on my Gig?
    To create transparency, the review will be indicated as related to a canceled order with a relevant tag.

  5. Can sellers rate the buyer when leaving reviews for canceled orders?
    No, the seller is unable to leave a review to the buyer. However, the seller will also have the option to respond to the buyer's review on a canceled order.

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