Delivery time extension

Request for delivery time extension 

Delivery dates are an important part of any Gig agreements between buyers and sellers. While the expectation of each seller is to deliver on time, there are sometimes unavoidable delays due to changes in scope, unexpected events, unclear requirements, amongst other reasons. If a seller needs more time to deliver, they can request an extension from the buyer. This option gives sellers more flexibility and helps them to meet their deadlines and expectations.

How the extend delivery date works

Seller flow:

  1. Go to the order activity page and click “Extend delivery date” on the right side, under the “Deliver Now” button.
    Note: It is best to request more time before the order becomes late, or as soon as you realize that you will not be able to meet the deadline.

    Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 12.31.01 PM.png

  2. Set the new expected delivery date and add a short explanation to the buyer why this extension is requested. Click “Send request”

    Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 12.34.16 PM.png

  3. The buyer will receive a notification and will have up to 48 hours to respond.
  4. The seller will receive a notification once the buyer approves or declines the request.

What if the buyer doesn’t respond?

After you send your delivery time extension request, your buyer has 48 hours to accept or deny it. In case the buyer is not responding during this period of time, your delivery date will be automatically extended to the new delivery date you requested.


  1. Can I ask for an extension more than once?
    Yes it’s possible but very unrecommended since this can cause a bad customer experience. If you are not sure the new delivery time you requested is sufficient, we recommend asking for 1-2 more days in advance to make sure you meet the new deadline without further delay.

  2. What if the buyer declined my request?
    In this case, the original delivery will remain the same.

Note: Only the seller can send the delivery extension request. Buyers may ask their sellers to do so via the order and inbox messages.

For additional information on understanding your order status, see our article here.

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