How to succeed as a photographer on Fiverr

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The best way to succeed as a freelance photographer? This way. 

Follow Fiverr’s top tips and tricks for standing out from the crowd and building a successful photography business.

Meet the speakers:

Diedre Schlabs (@fluffmedia) is a creative brand photographer and marketer, and the woman behind Fluff Media. She started as a wedding photographer and later found her passion in styling and shooting for beauty, lifestyle, and health & wellness brands, which she’s been doing for 4 years.

Nick Starichenko (@nickstarichenko) is a freelance photographer with over 10 years of experience and clients all over the world.  He specializes in fashion, product photography, and lifestyle shots and his images have been used by many well-known companies, brands, websites, and magazines to promote their products and services.

Noam Benz Bar is Fiverr’s Photography & Lifestyle Verticals Manager. With a background in design, lifestyle, and editorial content production, she brings a creative-driven approach to developing and leading the overall Photography & Lifestyle strategy.

Yoav Marcus – Fiverr’s Education & Engagement Manager. He's responsible for planning, producing, and collaborating with freelancers on educational events.



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