Gig images: Using stock images

Whether it’s a stock photo or a graphic, we always recommend clean and visually pleasing images.

Commercial rights

Make sure that you have the right to use images for commercial purposes.

Note: Images must be original for all Design categories.
For all other categories, you’ll need to confirm that you have permission to use the image before you upload it.


Stock image and template policy

Make sure you have all the required licenses for using the stock image or templates.

Stock images

  • All stock images must be from authorized agencies.
  • Don’t deliver or post stock images “as is”.
  • Stock images can be used in a transformative way as a part of your delivery.


  •  If you start your design work with a template, be sure that your final, delivered design is significantly different from the template design, with a new look and feel, a unique concept, and/or transformative use.
  • You are permitted to provide a service that relies on templates found online, but this must be specified in your Gig.
  • Sellers who rely heavily on templates in their design work will not be eligible for special seller programs on Fiverr, ex. Fiverr Pro.

Image quality

Make sure that all images or visual graphics are high-quality and clear (not blurry or pixelated).
This will help ensure that you’re providing high-quality service and results, too.

We also recommend that you use simple visuals that clearly display your work/skills, and aren’t busy or overwhelming to the eye.

Images examples

Use clean and visually pleasing images.

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