Create trust and earn loyalty

With so many useful new tools and tactics at your fingertips, your customer trust and loyalty is about to take off.

Make sure you make the most out of these webinars, recorded for your convenience.

Converting leads: Building trust and strong connections with buyers

Learn about all the tools you can leverage to connect better through communication, build trust, and help buyers order from you with confidence.

Gaining loyalty: How to turn buyers into repeat customers

Get familiar with the many features and best practices that are waiting to work for you, help you gain loyalty, and set revenue on repeat.


Meet the speakers

Maiky Hardonag, Product Manager at Fiverr
Maiky leads the domain that enables sellers to showcase their skills and experience, and provides them with education and tools to grow their business on Fiverr.

Noa Katsovich, Product Manager at Fiverr
Noa leads Fiverr’s communication domain for the last 2 years, helping buyers and sellers communicate better, set expectations, and build confidence when talking with each other.

Adam Fine, Music & Audio Vertical Manager and Subscriptions expert
Adamin is the Head of Music & Audio at Fiverr and a music producer.
His original music and remixes have amassed over 20 million streams and have been featured in projects by Mcdonald's, NFL, and more.

Shiran Mor, Marketing Retention Manager
With diverse experience in marketing and data, Shiran created complex workflows and Go-To-Market strategies that help to drive increased sales and customer retention.
Shiran’s mission is to showcase the value Fiverr provides to buyers and sellers.

Michael Neidert, Top Rated Fiverr Pro seller
Michael specializes in crafting effective sales copy for entrepreneurs, tech startups, and enterprise clients—including Fiverr,, and others.
Michael is also the author of “How to Thrive on Fiverr: 70+ Actionable Tips to Earn More, Attract Clients and Love What You Do”.

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