Consultation FAQs for customers




1. Where can I book a consultation?
You can book a consultation directly on a freelancer's Profile (if they have the option of the feature).
To get the process started, click Book a consultation (on the left side of the freelancer's page).

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2. Will I see the available time slots in my time zone or in the freelancer's time zone?
As a customer, you’ll see all of the available time slots in your local time.

3. Can I choose to have the consultation in specific languages?
In the consultation description, freelancers can include which languages they offer their consultation calls.

4. Can I request a 15, 45, or 90-minute long Consultation?
Only 30 and/or 60-minute consultations are available at the moment.

5. Are consultations different than Gigs?
Consultation orders are similar to Gig orders—meaning cancellations, leaving a review, order statuses, refunds, etc. all work the same way.

6. Will I be required to purchase a Gig after my consultation even if the freelancer can’t fulfill my requirements?
No. The feature gives you a chance to consult with the freelancer about their offered services and/or the requirements for your project’s needs—as well as, getting to know each other

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7. Are the calls recorded and monitored for safety?
Yes, the calls are recorded and monitored by Fiverr and there is also a Report button.
Note: After your consultation, you’ll be able to access the recording for a limited time through the order’s page.

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