Qualifications for upgraded Active Logos Stages

Focus on these basic design requirements and qualification criteria for our logo-capacity upgrades:

Shape & proportions

Try to incorporate designs and shapes that have positive associations, clean edges, and parallel lines.
Create variations by playing with positive & negative space, proportions, and balance.




When working with curves in your design, keep in mind that smooth and unbroken curves are more pleasing to the eye.
Aim to minimize vertices (uneven pointed-corners), and master your Curve techniques.


Composition & positioning

Remember these things when you work on the Composition and position of your elements and design as a whole:

  • Different name lengths and mediums
    Logos need to work in different mediums and sizes (e.g. letterheads, merchandise, websites, etc.). Learn more with Typography features.

  • Set the alignment in the proper direction before you upload your logo
    • Make sure to align your text and logo according to your design layout for different brand name and slogan lengths

    • Center alignment doesn’t always mean “dead center”
      The combination of your entire artboard—the design layout (including your logo), the text alignment, and the text length—will determine the final look on the buyer side.

  • Always include a slogan option
    • Some buyers might want to include a slogan while others won’t—make sure you consider different lengths for slogans in your designs

    • Think about different typography combinations for a brand name vs. a slogan, and remember that you can experiment with different fonts


Unique design

Original designs stand out over logos that look “familiar”. Try to add a unique touch to your logos to highlight your design style.

Important: The Logo Maker logos must be exclusive to the Logo Maker. Copyright infringement is unacceptable and your logos must comply with Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Learn more with How can I share my Fiverr logos outside of Fiverr?.



Shape mechanics

To maximize flexibility, plan the structure and alignment of your elements of the logo in advance (before you upload to the Logo Maker).

Make sure that your designs are in high-quality resolution regardless of the size, so that they can be used for different mediums (e.g. print, web, merchandise, etc.).




Learn more about our Logo Maker’s best practices with How to be a Logo Maker pro and the Logo Maker Webinar. 

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