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When we initially opened these photography services, they were niche. We kept them under the Video & Animation category, where they grew substantially. In order to meet the growing demand, we’ve created a new place for them.

All photography services offered—Product Photography and Local Photography—are now divided into more specialized subcategories based on the type of photography service that you are looking for.

You now have the option to book a photographer to shoot at the location of your choice.

Disclaimer: The full rights of the photographs delivered belong to the buyer—unless otherwise stated in the Gig. We also recommend that both parties are aware of and discuss location licenses and talent release forms—if necessary for the Gig.

Sellers, if you want to restrict the rights of your photos, please state that in your Gigscustom offers, and/or custom orders.

Learn more about copyrights with Buyer FAQs.
Learn more about ownership with Fiverr's Terms of Service.

Product Photographers

Get your products for any eCommerce or social media campaigns shot by a photographer at the location of your choice—in the studio, outdoors, or on location.

Please note: You might need to send your products to a photographer. They’ll take the photos and send them to you, along with your products.

Portrait photographers

Get professional portrait pictures taken for your LinkedIn profile or other social media accounts, passports, employee & team photos, family photos, pets, and more.

Lifestyle & Fashion photographers

Whether your brand needs a lifestyle photoshoot for an advertisement, eCommerce store, or fashion & beauty, this is the subcategory for you.

This business service has the option to include casting models for the shoot—if your photoshoot requires additional talent to be included.

Real estate photographers

Have your property photographed by a professional.
This subcategory includes photoshoots of your home, Airbnb listings, and realtor property listings.

Photographers can shoot any part of the interior and exterior, including, the architecture of the building, the interior design, gardens, and other landscapes.

Events photographers

Capture the best moments of your events, including weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, and more.

These photographers can also shoot professional events like office parties, conferences, and team events.

Food photographers

Show off your culinary ideas and entrepreneurial aspirations to the world.
Food photography is an art form in itself and requires unique skills and experience to achieve appetizing photography.

Utilize this service to highlight your cookbook, dishes, food/tableware brand, menu, and/or restaurant.

Note: Some sellers offer the option to cook the food.

Scenic photographers

If you are looking for photos of the New York skyline, the Amsterdam canals, or your favorite beach, these photographers can use their skills to create stunning images of cityscapes, natural landscapes, and more.

Photography advice

Aligned with Fiverr’s other services, we offer educational services in photography.

You can find a professional photographer to provide photography advice, lessons, and mentorships.

Other photography services

If you’re looking for a personal or specific photography service unrelated to the other subcategories, check out other photography services.

Along with the actual shoot itself, one of the most crucial parts of photography is the editing and retouching process.

In this subcategory, you can search for other unique photography-related services post-production services—everything that happens after the photoshoot itself

Note: Some locations/cities around the world require a location license and talent release forms. We recommend that you discuss with your seller or buyer in advance about permissions and copyrights for the shoot as a custom offer (if needed).

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