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As a Seller Plus member, you now have the ability to personally select which reviews to highlight on your Gig pages. When you choose the review that best reflects your skills and strengths, buyers can see the benefits of working with you.

Take advantage of this feature, and hand-pick the reviews that you feel will maximize your business in the “What people loved about this seller” section on your Gig’s page.


How it works

By default, Fiverr chooses which reviews to present on the “What people loved about this seller” section in your Gig (Automated).

Now, you have the option to edit this section and hand-pick the reviews to highlight and the order you want to display them (Seller’s choice).

Note: This option is limited to Gigs that have enough eligible reviews to be highlighted.


The default setting for your reviews (Automated) is 5 separate reviews that are automatically chosen by Fiverr.
Keep in mind, this section will appear only for existing Gigs with reviews, and not when you create a Gig.

Seller's choice

To edit it and hand-pick which reviews to display:

  1. In your Gig’s edit settings, go to Advanced settings, and select Seller’s choice under the Highlighted Reviews section.

  2. Click Select reviews to start choosing your highlighted reviews.



  3. The editing window will pop up and display two sections:
    a. Your selected reviews
    These are the reviews you’ve chosen to highlight and are currently displayed on your Gig Page.
    b. Select reviews to highlight
    All of the eligible reviews that you can add and highlight on your Gig Page.

  4. To search for reviews, you can scroll down the list, search with the filter tab Sort by (Most Recent or Top Rating), or type in the search bar to find a buyer’s name/specific words in your reviews.

  5. To add a review, select the box to mark the review you want (located to the right of the review).
    To remove a review you’ve selected, uncheck the selected box, or click the X (located at the top-right corner of the selected review).

    You must select at least 3 reviews.


  6. Drag and drop your reviews and place them in the order you’d like to display them.

  7. Click Confirm and then Save when you’re done.
    Note: Changes will only be saved after you click Confirm and Save.

Tips on how to choose the best reviews

  • The more positive reviews, the better
    Select up to 5 of your best reviews that share special feedback about your service, professional skills, and your buyers’ satisfying experiences working with you—this will help show that you’re in high demand.

  • Focus on your overall top-rated reviews
    Good reviews are important and can help you build trust with new clients.
    Make sure to choose your best reviews that have a high star-rating and comment, if possible.

  • Update your reviews with recent feedback
    Your recent work and feedback are usually the most relevant—buyers are more likely to select someone with good reviews that were recently posted.

  • Pick reviews that reflect different skills
    Select reviews that showcase your service level, quality of delivery, buyer experience, meeting deadlines, etc.

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