Vetted-only categories for sellers



To meet the growing demand for high-quality services and skilled freelancers, we’ve designated specific Gig categories and services to qualified sellers that are vetted and approved by the Fiverr team.



Eligible sellers will be able to create Gigs in these specific categories once they’ve been approved by the Fiverr team’s evaluation process.

Currently, only eligible sellers can offer services in the following areas:

  • Data > Data Science
  • Writing & Translation > Book & eBook Writing
  • Business > Legal Consulting

Note: If you haven’t been approved to keep your Gigs active yet, you can apply here.


How it works

In order to become a vetted and approved seller, you will go through an evaluation process performed by the Fiverr team. Our team will review and evaluate your qualifications, past work experience, and performance on the Fiverr platform.

Please note: The review process is continuous, and your eligibility status might change based on our ongoing evaluation process. The evaluation process differs from one service to another (based on the required skill, diploma, experience, education, etc.).


For existing sellers

If you already have an existing Gig in the relevant category, we will automatically review your Gig and notify you if you have been approved.

If you’re approved or awaiting approval to create Gigs in the relevant services:

  • Your existing Gigs will remain active

  • The Create a new Gig page will be enabled

If you didn’t receive a notification message of approval:

  • Your existing Gigs will be active for 60 days and then removed

  • The action to create a new Gig will be grayed out and disabled in Create a new Gig

  • You can apply here to be vetted


For new sellers

Sellers who haven’t been evaluated and approved, won’t be able to create new Gigs in the categories designated for vetted sellers.

When you go to Create a new Gig, the relevant services will be grayed out and disabled on the Create a Gig page.

If you’re a new seller and would like to offer services in these areas:

  • You can apply here to be vetted and approved
  • When you’re approved or declined, you’ll receive a message about your status
  • If you’re approved, then the relevant service will be enabled.



Before the approval process

1. What if I have existing Gigs in these areas?
If your application is approved, your Gig(s) will remain active and you will be able to create new Gigs. However, if your application is not approved, we will remove any existing Gigs.

If you haven’t been approved to keep your Gigs active yet, you can apply here.

2. What if I’m a new seller?
Sellers who haven’t been approved won’t be able to create new Gigs in the relevant areas reserved for eligible sellers. To offer services in these areas, you can apply for approval to create Gigs in the relevant category.

3. What will happen to my Gigs while I’m waiting for approval?
Your Gig will remain active during the evaluation process. If you didn’t apply or had your application declined, your Gig will be removed 60 days after the first notification.

4. Will being vetted give my Gigs more visibility or special perks?
Your visibility won’t be directly affected. However, since only approved sellers will be able to offer their services in the Marketplace, having vetted-only categories will help you increase credibility and potentially your sales, as well.

5. Is there a Badge for vetted sellers? Will buyers know I'm a vetted seller?
There isn’t a specific Profile Badge for being vetted and approved.

Since all relevant categories are enabled for approved sellers only, buyers will already know that you’re qualified for the relevant subcategory/service.


After the approval process

1. If I get approved once, will I be allowed to open Gigs for multiple services/subcategories, or do I need to apply for every vetted-only service?
Each service has a different evaluation process. You’ll need to apply for each vetted-only service and/or subcategory—even if you were already approved for a separate service.

2. If I’ve been rejected, can I reapply to be vetted and approved?
Yes, you can re-apply 6 months after you’ve received your rejection notice.

3. Can I lose my eligibility to create Gigs in these areas even if I’m approved?
Yes. Since the Fiverr team will continue to evaluate your performance, your eligibility status might change.

Note: The evaluation process is different for each service, and the evaluation is based on a combination of related criteria for each specific service (e.g., the required/relevant skills, diploma, experience, education, etc.).

4. What happens if I lose my eligibility? Can I reapply?
If you lose your vetted seller status, then your active Gigs and eligibility for the relevant services will be removed immediately. You can reapply after 6 months.

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